BMW: profits are more important than car sales

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Source : BMW: profits are more important than car sales

BMW X6 sales as well as marketing boss Ian Robertson not concerned about the sales of brands competing growth


profits will always be more important than being the largest luxury car maker company from the planet for BMW , according to sales manager of marketing Ian Robertson, who was speaking after the company dropped via first to third place from the sales race against Mercedes as well as Audi from the first months of 2016.

in particular, the Mercedes sales rose, rising to 20% in year-on-year via the back of strong demand in China. BMW growth rate, meanwhile, has exceeded of which of the Audi, however the latter can be still selling more cars.

“as well as profits has always been a guiding light for us, as well as we have consistency in This specific area bears evidence of of which,” said Robertson. “however from the meantime, there can be always the challenge of balancing the equation between profit as well as size of the remaining value. To be honest we’re not 100% where we want to be.

,” however a lot of of which down to some of the decisions are clear, led by gains we have made. In Russia, where the currency has halved in value, we have stopped selling tiny car we have. This specific decision can be the profit of which some of our competitors have not taken. Similarly, we are more active in some markets the European fleet of different

“Call of the volume can be of which of which can be a multiple of the different savings – if you hold the volume of which can be used to pay dividends in different ways. however of which can also risk profits. Our team of people watching of which, as well as of which can be not an easy equation, however of which should profit always directed our decisions. “


Robertson also the importance of residual values ​​in determining rental rates, as well as warned of which excessive

“, labels commercial premium does not have an inherent advantage in being more desirable, “said of which large discounts have long-term negative impact, of which will end up paying the rent rates again. of which’s a. “I’m not in a position to talk about the strategy of our competitors, however I know of which I’m happy where are our expectations residual value, as well as you have to balance the growth of the size of profits against long-term knock-on effects.”

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Source: BMW: profits are more important than car sales

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