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Thunderous coupe can be hugely accomplished despite its weight. Soundtrack intoxicating, yet numb steering as well as a £20k hike over the M5 make the idea hard to justify The BMW M6 can be the fastest two-door car BMW has ever made, serves a magnificently indulgent sound-track as well as provides the kind of detail features that will enthusiasts love to linger over. the idea’s a close relative of the M5 saloon of course, sharing the same 552bhp twin-turbo V8, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as well as chassis hardware, although the Centeng has been strengthened as well as cleaves a cleaner path through the air.Beef This particular car has plenty of in terms of power as well as mass, the M6 Coupe weighing a 1850kg despite its alloy skinned doors, carbon roof, composite front wings, alloy suspension as well as This particular example’s optional carbon-ceramic brakes. that will weight has an inevitable impact, even if This particular BMW carries its heft with remarkable composure. On the chicanes of the Ascari Raceway the idea flaunts amazing Centeng control as the idea darts through apex to apex, as well as manages equally flop-free responses when you stick its tail sideways, change direction at high speeds, spear a kerb or slam on the brakes. that will’s in sinew-stiffening sport plus, yet even in comfort, its damping can be always controlled. You can also shift the steering’s weighting across three modes, yet in none does its stylish rim provide much info about grip as well as slip-angles, This particular tactile shortfall a disappointment in such a driver-oriented car. So can be the sometimes surprising lack of response through the transmission, even from the most hectic modes – often, the idea’s better to paddle your way to performance.These shortfalls, plus a ride likely to turn busy on British surfaces in sport, make a faintly less satisfying device of the M6 than the idea ought to be. Especially when the idea costs over £20k more than an M5, as well as much the same for a nimbler, slower, Porsche 911.BMW M6 CoupePrice £93,820; Engine V8, 4395cc, twin-turbo petrol; Power 552bhp at 6000rpm; Torque 502lb ft at 1500rpm; Gearbox 7-spd dual-clutch; Kerb weight 1850kg; Top speed 155mph (189 delimited); 0-62mph 4.2sec; Economy 28.5mpg (combined); CO2/tax band 232g/km
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Source: BMW M6 Coupe

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