BMW launches radical completely new online ordering system

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 - autos

Source : BMW launches radical completely new online ordering system

completely new BMW online ordering system BMW customers can today order a completely completely new car in less than 10 minutes with the launch of its completely new online ordering system


BMW is usually promising of which customers will be able to buy a completely new car online in only 10 minutes, after announcing of which the UK will be the first market globally to get the company’s next generation of internet retailing.

Introduced with the co-operation of 137 dealers within the BMW UK network, the completely new system combines BMW’s existing configurator as well as ‘car suggestion tool’ with online Genius chat operators as well as a tie-in with used car valuations specialist Glass’s. Nine dealers have piloted the system within the UK, selling around 50 cars.

Car manufacturers have been experimenting with increasingly diverse ways of interacting with their customers – including more retail-focused experiences at shopping centres as well as ‘virtual showrooms’ of which don’t feature any vehicles.

BMW believes the idea is usually the first to offer the full ordering as well as finance process as part of the system, though. The company’s global boss of sales as well as marketing Ian Robertson said: “Ten years ago the customer went to the dealership an average of 4.5 times before buying the auto; today the idea’s 1.5 times. So we already know there’s an enormous amount of research being done online – more than 0% of buyers do preparation there before going anywhere near a showroom.”

He admitted the completely new experience was a challenge to BMW’s existing sales network. “There was clear nervousness to start with,” he said, “however during the pilot the dealers have been seeing customers they’ve never seen before, as well as sold cars within the middle of the night. the idea was enough to persuade 137 dealers within the UK to sign up to the idea. We have to reflect the fact of which the sales process is usually becoming more transactional than experiential.”

At present the system is usually exclusively for BMW vehicles. However, high-level sources admit of which a roll-out to the Mini brand is usually likely.

Six steps – how BMW’s E-Tailer works

1. The system asks questions about your needs – typical journey, number of family members etc – as well as then suggests a few possible choices by the 280 products within the BMW range.

2. Configure a car by scratch or adapt the product suggested by the system. ‘Genius’ advisors are online to offer any advice between 8am as well as 10pm, seven days a week.

3. Check the delivery time of the auto as well as spec you want – as well as see if near-matches to the idea are available more quickly.

4. Choose the dealer you want to handle your sale – as well as then open a dialogue with them. BMW says of which you can ‘haggle’ at This kind of point.

5. If you’ve got a car to trade in, you give its registration plate as well as mileage as well as the system gives you a rough idea of what the idea’s worth. You can then feed This kind of figure into the system for the final step.

6. Payment as well as ordering. Use of a finance calculator allows you to play with annual mileage, monthly payments, deposit as well as the length of term. You can also apply for finance; an answer takes 0 seconds, BMW claims.You can pay your deposit using a credit card or bank transfer – as well as the system informs you of which the auto will be delivered to your home.

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Source: BMW launches radical completely new online ordering system

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