BMW heads up 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Source : BMW heads up 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

BMW 328 honor BMW at Goodwood speed because of This specific year’s festival, celebrating the best of successes in motorsport


BMW announced that will This specific will take the main stage inside the Goodwood Festival of speed This specific year.

as BMW celebrates the year of the centenary, This specific exhibition BMW, MINI , Rolls-Royce in addition to BMW Motorrad designs, which says BMW will show “its past illustrious sports, along with the elegant cars in addition to bikes through the current collection. ”

BMW is actually to make the most of its 100 anniversary, in addition to was already Unveiled Next see 100 , a fresh self-driving car developed the concept, while BMW Harald Krueger Coach says a series of four cars similar concept under the title under construction inside the BMW Mini brands, Rolls-Royce in addition to operation of a motorcycle have to celebrate the centenary of the founding of

reflects This specific year’s festival theme of speed. “Full throttle – the endless pursuit of power,” the central feature will focus on successes Motorsports BMW

sculpture created by Gerry Judah that will the legendary BMW 328 will show the Mille Miglia car, designed Murray Gordon Brabham BMW BT52 in addition to the winner of the Man in addition to the BMW V12 LMR.

commissioned This specific display in front of Goodwood at This specific point famous first Gerry Judah, the house in 1997, when Ferrari took the role of the marque’s central feature. inside the past year, Mazda in addition to the legendary rotary-787B Le Mans racer engines in addition to the concept of LM55 Vision Gran Turismo enjoys the limelight.

cars on the famous course, 1.16-mile Goodwood will include the 1957 BMW 507, winner of the Mille Miglia BMW 328 Coupe round of 1940, in addition to 1965 BMW 1800 Tisa – an early example of the success of the BMW in a race touring car

at the same time, This specific can be a motorcycle enthusiast sees a group of motorcycle classic in addition to modern, including the 1966 BMW R50 S Kakazhor, 1976 BMW R90 S 76 in addition to the legendary WR 750 Kompressor through 1929.

in addition to superhot M4 GTS will make debut Goodwood, both on the mound in addition to on the screen, while the so-called “M Street” will have cars BMW M through the last 40 years along with the latest additions to the line-up including in addition to M2 .

wing BMW will display a wider range of the latest Bavarian designs the maker’s group, including private BMW edition I8 PROTONIC Red Edition

owner of Goodwood, Earl said in March: “This specific was a BMW BMW is actually one of the most loyal festival in addition to enthusiastic partners for 19 years. I am pleased to be celebrating the centenary of their own, long-term relationship, with the Central BMW advantage. will sculpting three-car feature that will summarizes instincts BMW in addition to competitive pursuit of technology to create a driving machine end of the day “.

in addition to held the Goodwood Festival of speed of 23 to 26 June 2016,

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Source: BMW heads up 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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