BMW Concept M4 GTS shown at Pebble Beach – updated

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Source : BMW Concept M4 GTS shown at Pebble Beach – updated

BMW showcased a thinly disguised concept type of its upcoming M4 GTS at the Pebble Beach Concours


The BMW Concept M4 GTS, which previews a powered-up along with pared-down track-focused variant of the M4, has made its debut at the annual Pebble Beach concourse in Monterey, USA.

Described as a showcase for performance-enhancing technologies destined to make production on a brand new type to be unveiled at a later date, the Concept M4 GTS draws on developments first tested on the M4 MotoGP safety car.

Included is usually an innovative water-injection system for its twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine, a carbonfibre-reinforced plastic bonnet, OLED tail-lights, altered aerodynamics from the form of an adjustable front splitter along with prominent boot deck-mounted rear wing as well as an upgraded chassis – all of which are set to find their way on to a limited-edition M4 GTS type due to go on sale in early 2016.

“While the M4 embodies the ideal combination of motorsport genes along with unrestricted everyday usability, the Concept M4 GTS previews an exclusive brand new type having a keen focus on the race track,” said Frank van Meel, president of BMW’s hallowed M division. “Despite its outstanding track ability, of which is usually still fully road legal.”

BMW has not revealed a power figure for the Concept M4 GTS, although M division engineers have revealed of which the brand new water injection system, which injects water vapour into the intake manifold to cool the air entering the engine, brings an 8% increase over the 425bhp of the M4’s standard engine, indicating a brand new peak of around 460bhp for the upcoming M4 GTS. A similar increase in torque is usually also anticipated.

Already tested by Autocar on a smaller turbocharged 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine, the water-injection system serves to reduce knock, enabling the M4 to use higher boost pressure with earlier injection timing. To keep temperatures in check, BMW has reworked the cooling system with two additional radiators along having a revised intercooler assisted by an extra electric water pump.

Finished in Frozen Dark Grey metallic paint, the Concept M4 GTS also receives a carbonfibre-reinforced bonnet, which is usually claimed to lower its weight along with centre of gravity over the standard M4 for even sharper performance along with agility. 

In keeping with its track-focused nature, BMW has provided the Concept M4 GTS having a carbonfibre front splitter along with rear wing, allowing the driver to adjust downforce accordingly. Further modifications are centred around the suspension, with 9.5 Jx19in wheels up front along with 10.5Jx20in rims at the rear. They are shod with 265/35 R19 along with 285/30 R20 Michelin Sport Cup 2 tyres respectively.

When of which goes into production in 2016, the M4 GTS will continue a tradition of special versions through BMW M division, including the M3 Sport Evolution (1990), BMW M3 GT (1995), BMW M3 CLS (2003), M3 GTS (2010) along with M3 CRT (2011).  

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Source: BMW Concept M4 GTS shown at Pebble Beach – updated

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