BMW 2002 Hommage concept unveiled at Villa d’Este

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Source : BMW 2002 Hommage concept unveiled at Villa d’Este

BMW 2002 Hommage concept concept of the state of Bavaria brand brand new commercial celebrated the 1960s in addition to 1970s iconic coupe. Foundations of your vehicle comes via the M2


in addition to BMW 2002 award, which will be M2 based on the concept car compact coupe, has been unveiled at the Villa d’Este debates Cote d’Elegance in Italy

celebration of the 50th anniversary of the BMW 2002 Turbo, describes the brand design award 2002 study which reimagines engineering behind the original design.

Based on M2 well-received, in addition to a brand new concept of sitting low, with compact dimensions in addition to base long wheelbase, while having overhangs short in addition to prominent so-called “nose of the shark.” Aerodynamic details include a larger spoilers front in addition to rear, in addition to numerous air intakes to improve airflow in addition to maximize downforce.

reflects the signature chrome of the original, in addition to honor bar in 2002 carries a carbon horizontal band around the shoulder line divides the Centeng into two distinct car. The upper part of the roof, hood in addition to boot using Matt paint cover, while using the lower Centeng glitter paint segment will be characterized by distinct lines across the wings, including the wheel arches. BMW says which will be designed to remind the variation approved by the BMW 2002 Turbo “which need to be wide stretches rushed to her Centeng to accommodate a much wider path.”

such as BMW in 2002, the concept of two headlamps one in addition to repeaters in turn separate signal embedded from the full width of the bar (from the Carboniferous on your vehicle honors) above them.

car also features 20in alloys with dual-shade design in addition to gold brake calipers -coloured.

“Exactly 50 years ago, in addition to 02 group kick commenced the era of success for BMW cars.”, Said Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW design boss.

“which compact coupe will be one of the vehicles, creating the brand what which will be today in 2002 sat at the top was set in addition to the first car produced a series anywhere in Europe to come up with technology Turbo., who put the seal on the coupe a true sports car. at the same time, Turbo was 2002 at the technological forefront of engine development at BMW. BMW 2002 honor will be going to raise a glass to all these achievements. “

has been released

no powertrain or performance information on the award in 2002, using a spokesman saying which the BMW design will be the “design to celebrate the last car of the process, in addition to not see what might happen.”

earlier which year, BMW unveiled its advanced brand new car self-driving concept during the awards ceremony held to mark the 100 anniversary of the first factory of its kind for the company, in addition to will be right now home to your oath Classic, in Munich, Germany.


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Source: BMW 2002 Hommage concept unveiled at Villa d’Este

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