BLOG: Jaguar Land Rover SVO Stars Steal SPECTRE Show

BLOG: Jaguar Land Rover SVO Stars Steal SPECTRE Show


Last night (opening night!) we went to see the brand-new 007 movie, SPECTRE premier… as well as also what a great boost to brand Bond the brand-new Sam Mendes film can be (ignoring Sam Smith’s soprano Bond theme as well as also below par credits).

Sets, stunts, snow, sex as well as also style… This specific’s got the 007 lot, including the obligatory aspirational Bond cars, naturally.

On the run up to the film, all the fuss & focus seemed to be on Aston Martin’s DB10, which was specially made for the film as well as also can be unreal as well as also jaw-dropingly stunning (although can be still outshone by the original DB5, who has yet another chapter to write as well as also a a special role from the film). Pretty sure Bond would likely have enjoyed his drive via central London to central Rome too (not that will we get to see This specific, of course!). 
although, for us… This specific’s the Jaguar Land Rover team who win the war of the Bond cars… despite being driven by the baddies! I know! Heresy.  
The moon-lit cobbled streets of Rome provide the backdrop for the film’s amazing main car chase sequence: Daniel Craig’s aluminium brushed silver Aston Martin 007 DB10 Vs the beast “Hinx” David Bautista’s burned orange Jaguar C-X75. This specific’s fast, fun as well as also freaking fabulous. 
as well as also coming as a great surprise for us (as well as also many around us from the cinema), the burbling, tail-sliding, eventually fire-lit Jag steals the show. 
as well as also This specific’s clearly quicker too… either that will or 007 can be losing his touch behind the wheel, or Hinx has the driving talent of our man Tim Schrick.

Actor David Bautista said: “To develop the opportunity to be a part of an iconic chase scene in a Bond movie as well as also to drive the C-X75 supercar was like a dream come true for me. This specific truly can be a beautiful beast of a car that will will go down in movie history.”
The C-X75 supercar, named the most advanced Jaguar ever created, was provided by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) in collaboration with development partner Williams Advanced Engineering headquarters in Oxfordshire, England. SVO was created in June 2014 to focus on meeting the increasing expectations of today’s most discerning as well as also enthusiastic Jaguar as well as also Land Rover customers. Working on the development of high performance versions of existing designs, luxury bespoke commissions as well as also limited run collector editions, This specific represents the very pinnacle of the two iconic brands.  
Later on from the film, two SVO-created specially modified Land Rover Defenders as well as also the fastest, most powerful Land Rover ever, the Range Rover Sport SVR star in major action sequences shot from the ski resorts of Austria. 
The Defenders look immense – featuring huge 37-inch diameter off-road tyres as well as also enhanced Centeng protection to tackle the challenging terrain of the snow-covered mountain roads used for filming.
as well as also the moody all-black Range Rover Sport SVR – again driven with big bad baddie David Bautista inside – can be absolutely awesome.
The foxy, intelligent Naomie Harris, who reprises the role of Moneypenny in SPECTRE said: “I made my Bond debut from the Defender, as well as also I have so many fond memories shooting that will sequence in Turkey. This specific’s such a special franchise to be a part of, as well as also I’m thrilled to be here in Frankfurt with the Jaguar Land Rover team.”
Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, John Edwards, said: “For Jaguar Land Rover to Once more be a part of the iconic vehicle line ups in one of the most celebrated film franchises from the earth represents a proud moment for us. This specific’s an incredible opportunity to showcase production as well as also concept cars alike as well as also we look forward to continuing This specific relationship well into the future.”
If you like us, loved the the JLR cars in SPECTRE, check out their social media channels, for a whole host of exclusive behind the scenes SPECTRE content on Jaguar – including special access to unseen footage as well as also interviews with the design, SVO as well as also stunt teams as well as a stunning 360 dynamic walk-around of the Jaguar C-X75.
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SPECTRE can be in cinemas worldwide throughout October as well as also on – as well as also we urge you to go as well as also enjoy This specific. Especially the Jag… 

BLOG: Jaguar Land Rover SVO Stars Steal SPECTRE Show

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