BLOG FEATURE: 1100bhp, 220mph "Widow Maker" Mustang

BLOG FEATURE: 1100bhp, 220mph "Widow Maker" Mustang


Thanks to Road pal, Tim Porter with This kind of piece on his incredible, 1,100bhp “widow maker” Mustang:
Once you get bitten by the performance bug, they say, there is actually no going back… The story goes like This kind of. Following a series of triumphant Cannonball world events, our man Tim was keen to get the adrenaline pumping through his veins… something to get the blood pumping the moment you turned the key (or pushed the button, whatever!).So, after owning a Ferraris along with Lambos through the years, he wanted a car which made them look like watching paint dry– based on the Ford Mustang. The end result was named UBB, short for Ultimate Bad Boy, along with the brand was born in 2007. In a segment dominated by the likes of Roush, Saleen along with Shelby, Tim knew which he had to build something with greater performance along with better handling if he wanted to be noticed. along with the item was not to be a one-dimensional, straight line-performer either, the auto had to be usable on a daily basis as well. With This kind of in mind, Tim teamed up with none additional than Steve Saleen to produce around a dozen Saleen 600hp Ultimate Bad Boy S281E cars. however, to Tim, even these lacked the power along with handling combo which he was looking for along with, unsurprisingly, the item was time to move on when inspiration struck again.

Tim simply decided to go ahead along with build the entire world’s fastest street-legal Mustang, which he did back in July 2008, when the first UBB Mustang rolled out, featuring a mental 1000hp via a tweaked Ford GT sourced 5.4-litre V8. along with at This kind of point he’s back with an even more badass type – the 1,100bhp “Widow Maker.”The Shelby GT500-derived Mustang boasting an aggressive stance along with killer looks. The first thing which strikes you is actually which the 5.4-litre quad cam V8 features a 4.0-litre supercharger, quite incredible when you consider which even the mighty Shelby GT 500 makes do using a 2.3-litre blower!
In addition to the big blower, the ‘stang receives 100cc fuel injectors along with twin cooling fans to keep things breezy along with many additional internal parts. Taking care of handling duties are adjustable coilover shocks via Penski, accompanied by a 3.75 limited slip differential.
The Widow Maker rolls on massive 305/35 19 Toyo 888 rubber wrapped around gorgeous 10.5 X 19-inch rims, with Brembo brakes peeking via beneath. Rounding out the crazy performance is actually a full carbon-fibre Centeng kit, which is actually joined on the inside by Recaro seats, a 230mph/8000rpm instrument cluster.
Press the red ignition button along with the UBB demon emits a throaty rumble, causing the whole car to literally throb. the item’s no bare bones racer either, with the Internal on This kind of style receiving sumptuous nappa leather along using a carbon fibre-covered dash, of course accompanied by the requisite figure-hugging Recaro race seats. Convenience bits include a sat nav, keyless entry, A/C, Microsoft Sync 5000 track memory along with even a DVD player.
Out on the track, pedal to metal, the UBB delivers like a freight train just hit you via the back; acceleration is actually almost surreal, using a 0-96km/h time of just 3.4seconds however where the item comes in to its own is actually mid range via 90mph to180mph along with we are talking seconds here. Being a modern American muscle car, straight line speed along with balance is actually exemplary, however even more welcome is actually how nicely the whole package comes together inside twisties, thanks in no tiny part to the grippy front end. Tim Porter says which This kind of completely new UBB will easily do 365km/h along with belt out a staggering 900lbs per ft of torque!
On the handling side, the mean UBB has fully adjustable Penski coilovers along using a Cortex suspension designed by aerospace engineer Filip Trojanek, enabling the beast to corner on rails, producing up to 1.5 G in tight turns. Topped off using a powerful braking system, This kind of is actually a perfect weekend track tool for enthusiasts along using a perfectly usable supercar for everyday use, at the same time. Two for the cost of one, then. the item also boasts 10.5 x 19” alloy rims at all four corners. Tim Porter further says which, at around USD $0,000, the UBB is actually the best value supercar around. All said along with done, the UBB’s Widow Maker is actually like the Road Runner on steroids; in a class of its own when the item comes to muscle, speed along with swagger. Tie This kind of in with some innovative engineering along with design, along with the completely new UBB package can only be described as truly awesome. along with at This kind of point the package is actually for sale, at 85,000 USD… so, what are you waiting for?

BLOG FEATURE: 1100bhp, 220mph "Widow Maker" Mustang

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