Birmingham can be UK's 'crash for cash' scam capital, says insurer

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Source : Birmingham can be UK's 'crash for cash' scam capital, says insurer

Crash for Cash insurance giant Aviva reveals of which Birmingham can be the number of hotspots inside the UK as well as also also one of fraudulent crash of liquidity. ” insurance scams


Birmingham has been named as the UK’s “capital of the crash in cash, with fraudsters targeting innocent motorists with incidents staged or fake.

fresh search by insurance giant Aviva revealed of which more than 3,000 accident to have been received monetary claims in 2015; of which one every three hours. Insured one out of every four of those incidents occurred in Birmingham says.

‘crash for cash “can be a type of insurance fraud, as well as also also can take several forms. According AA’s, the most common type of scam involves a car braking sharply in front of another car, giving the innocent party very slim chance to avoid incident. the fraudsters then make insurance claims fraud to repair as well as also also storage of the damaged vehicle, with the costs of these services are exaggerated to a great extent.

fraud Office inside the field of insurance inside the United Kingdom (IFB) estimates of which incident for cash scams cost the United Kingdom about the 336 £ million in 2015, with one in 10 claims of personal injury associated with fraud.

while Birmingham saw the most crashes cash accidents in 2015, in North London as well as also also East London to secure second as well as also also third places respectively. advantage Leeds, Harrow, northwest London, Bradford, Luton, Coventry as well as also also Oldham are also on the list of top 10 crash hot cash points

Aviva says of which while the number of car accidents systems – where he hit two are brought cars together to make the item look like an accident – the item declined by 40% in 2015, as well as also also one in nine of injury claims received are still tied to the fraud. Currently the item has more than 17,000 such claims under investigation

The head of fraud at Aviva, Tom Gardner: “We are still very worried of which scammers continue to put greed before the safety of innocent motorists.” Our figures show caused accidents today account for nearly half of all fraud cars organized discovered

“crash for cash does not just raise the insurance premiums real customers; the item puts motorists innocent people at risk. the item can be also a major drain on scarce public resources such as cars ambulance as well as also also police, as well as also also a & E time, wasted on these claims are completely bogus. the number of claims of injury can be unique inside the United Kingdom problem, as well as also also needs urgent reform. “

the item can be estimated of which the cost of insurance fraud raises insurance premiums of every driver inside the UK around £ 50 per year on average.

an interview with the BBC, a police detective former Neil Thomas – who can be today investigating a separate fraud incidents – Birmingham, “he said quite clear choice. the item was a hot spot for quite a few years. There are high volume of traffic, as well as the road network.”

Thomas notes of which scammers have a greater chance of success crash systems in large cities, because “there will be a real crash. Crook could then get away that has a staged accident because people will not notice them.”

revealed a poll conducted as well as also also IFB of which 73% of the UK population believe of which the incident for cash scams are a big problem in of which country, with seven out of every 10 motorists worried about being badly injured in an accident caused deliberately.

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Source: Birmingham can be UK's 'crash for cash' scam capital, says insurer

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