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Honda revealed GL original 1000 “ wing of gold ” in 1974 direct competition with Harley Davidson segment of Americans bike tour market, however which was tourer in name only. More than a large cruiser According to the American standards, along with fairingless, which found gold wing bagless foothold on the shores of the United States, Honda along with went to work perfecting its brand-new platform.

along with GL1100 highway, which was released in 1980, was definitely the first appropriate edition bike tour through the wing Gold which has a full fairing, windshield along with luggage – features which GL series jumped to the top of the import market along which has a tour of the United States. Honda holds This specific pattern all the way through to 2016 with the Gold Wing GL1800 her, along with less tourtastic, however certainly huge esque Street, Gold Wing F6B along with F6B Deluxe. Gold Wings popularity can not be denied, which is actually clear through her legions of loyal fans, so join me as I take a look at what Honda has in store for the shores of the United States This specific year.
along with type Honda, along with GL1800 brand-new accounts for more than 30 years of development of the “highway” platform, along with which’s come a long way at the very least. The only thing which has remained constant is actually the dedication to Honda comfort. Gift windshield along with adjustable cockpit pose a real leadership hides the rider through wind along with weather, -boots to the helmet – along with mirror housings wind break off with your fists. Heated handgrips along with seats complete the cold weather riding band. I actually laughed at a bit when I wrote which last. however truth to tell, there were times when I could have given me breakers to control the hot, along with I’m not above taking my seat inside with me at night, at least until which’s warm from the morning.
while wing Gold got fully along with uniquely set up for long road trips, along with F6B along with F6B Deluxe loses trunk along with windshield tall to look clean, after the threat of somehow comes which I find similar to Harley Street Glide along with victory Cross Country , along with others.
This specific is actually a solid step because This specific market is actually enjoying something of a boom at the moment, along with Honda already carries a proven platform from the GL series. Both the full edition along with dressed F6B Bagger edition comes with quite a few sub-products, along with the two of them definitely stand out.
First, dresser wing Gold Line provides airbag type in Gray Metallic / Black which come with sensors collision, which was published – you guessed which – revealed airbag which helps to reduce premature ejaculation from the event of a collision. Inconvenient, to say the least. Second, F6B not available from the standard edition, or a edition Deluxe, which comes with accessories adding common, a centerstand, handgrips along with heated backrest passengers, so if you fancy any of these options, you can roll them right off the showroom with the deluxe package.


although which fits the exact definition of a big bike, along with keeps the family wing gold compact wheelbase at only 66.5 inches long. Jamal planning framework lies from the driveway. Only 4.3 inches long, along which has a short trail contributes significantly to the ability of Gold Wing massive acquisitions, along with which agility is actually one of the main pillars for the success of the wing in recent times. Of course, the performance of the acquisition gets a lot of help through the low gravity created by the order of the fuel tank along with the flat-six engine which center.
brake components along with suspension system along with hamper their work for them. In 900-plus wet pounds, along with more than one-half ton with some combination of rider for passengers along with goods, This specific is actually a whole lotta “bike to keep under control. To This specific end, the Honda than 45 mm, along with the right side up along with forks cartridge which comes with anti feature diving to combat This specific trend under heavy braking. working rear suspension system with monoshock on swingwarm one-sided, along with which comes with the job preload a computer-controlled, there is actually no need to dirty fast to adjust in response to changing load knees. with 4.8 inches of travel up front along with 4.1 inches from the rear, along with the family GL comes with riding was very luxurious.
front brake big run 0.296 disc brakes mm with three-pot calipers, rear portion runs the largest disc 316 mm, along with also with documented three bowl. while which is actually not unusual for a little bit to see the tablet largest from the back, along with I think This specific is actually for those who like to take a tour which has a little trailer, along with I know through experience which which does not hurt to just to have insurance, especially if you do not have trailer brakes. Honda uses a common brake the system (CBS), a brake feature by wire which reads input rider along with distribution of brake pressure from the correct proportions the front along with rear brakes while preventing wheel slip of overbraking – all not bad to hit the highway with confidence under full load things.


Honda used from the liquid cooling 0.1832 horizontal cc six as the heartbeat for all products wing of gold This specific year. This specific works a little over-the mill yard carry with 74 mm along with 71 mm stroke, SOHC dual valve heads. along with programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) feature digitally controlled ignition along with set manages energy production along with helps to fulfill the mill emissions standards.
while the engine is actually the same in all areas, along with the rest of the drivetrain is actually not necessarily so uniform. along with GL1800 comes which has a feature which does not make which onto the / Deluxe, an electrical function contrary F6B. We have already established which This specific is actually a lot of bike to control, along with save yourself the effort needed to Fred-Flintstone which to back up huge, especially which has a trailer in tow. This specific all 5-speed, the transmission aspect ratio, along with the final drive shaft, quiet delivers power to the rear wheels highway cruising comfortably.


factory calls the foundation GL1800 “gold sound comfort wing” package, although the nature of the champagne even the base type, Honda lets go of which for the money beer at only $ 23,999. Top-of-the “Gold Wing Airbag” line with all the bells along with whistles rolls for about 7K more, is actually still not as high as some big-name competitors I can think of.
stripped down look equal stripping the prices down for F6B sub-family. along with GL1800B “F6B” barely breaks the 20K mark at $ 20,499, will GL1800BD type “deluxe” sets you another grand in $ 21,499. Not exactly the scope of the entry-level, however certainly within the scope of the mind for most.


along with recognized by Honda itself, gold wing has been designed to compete with local bike tour on the shores of the United States. Therefore, I think which could have to choose another typical American closet which also comes in a crisp round of the composition as well as the huge format, cross country along with cross-country tour (CC / CCT) of victory seems a not bad choice to compete with non-Harley.
victory followed a more traditional look which has a portable gift to the fork along with engine compartment open, however the trade-off comes at the expense of comfort, along with CCT lacks a bubble-like cockpit through the wing gold. To be fair, the victory does not offer many of the same features Honda, such as ABS, Cruise along with sound system accessory system, only with different delivery, as which were. In spite of the extra ingredients from the Centeng, along with operates the Coordinating Committee to keep a little of the typical onslaught of victory, however not too much, in my opinion, enough to let you know what you are looking at. As always, seemingly objective, along with even high school to perform for some, hard to believe, I know, however there which is actually.
additional aesthetic feature with anything directly to do with the aesthetics could be the engine. Victory Freedom 106/6 engine runs from the family CC, f V twin large mill which fits right in with the American culture of the bike, so the engine itself becomes part of the overall look. Honda GL surrounding the mill, even in which case not visibility engine adds to the appearance. I guess I should mention which the freedom to have a nice, Tbchter- V twin, who is actually a musician along with which American ears.
dozens of family CC simple triumph, if you’ll forgive the pun, from the cost category. While the full tour type will set you back $ 21.999, less than two grand GL1800 base, along with CC in mass formation without package tour traitors in less than 20K to $ 18,999. Also, Gold Wing comes standard with electric reverse. If you want to back up without electricity foot on the Cross Country or Cross Country tour, you will need to add $ 2,000 a reverse set of accessories.
At the end of the day, both riding along with bike tour are able, you should ask yourself which look appeals to you.


payment system:
engine: horizontally against the six-cylinder, SOHC liquid-cooled. Two valves per cylinder
Displacement: 1832 cc
Bore: 74.0 mm
Stroke: 71.0 mm
induction: programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI)
ignition: digital computer-controlled with 3-D mapping
compression ratio: 9.8: 1
Transmission: all 5-speed including Overdrive, (wing gold – plus electric reverse to)
final drive: 19,459,059 ] shaft
rake: 29.15 degrees
Trail: 4.3-inch
suspension, front: 45 mm cartridge fork with anti-dive system. 4.8-inch travel
suspension, rear: Pro Arm® swingarm with single-side Pro-Link® single shock with the spring remote control preload adjustment, 4.1-inch travel
brakes, front: full double -floating 296 tablets mm with CBS calipers three piston
brakes, Rear Wheel Drive: ventilation along with one 316 tablet mm with CBS three-piston calipers
tires, front: 130 / 70R-18
tires, Rear Wheel: 180 / 60R-16
wheelbase: 66.5-inch
seat height: gold wing – 29.1 inches, F6B – 28.5 inches
fuel tank capacity: 6.6 gallons
fuel economy: gold wing – 35 mpg, F6B – 34 MPG
type number:
gold wing : GL1800
gold wing F6B: GL1800B
gold wing F6B Deluxe: GL1800BD
curb weight:
gold wing: 904+ pounds
gold F6B wing: 844 pounds
gold wing F6B Deluxe: 855 pounds
emissions: meet current California air resources Board (cARB) along with the standards of the environmental Protection agency
Warranty: three years , transferable, unlimited mileage limited warranty. Extended coverage available which has a Honda Protection Plan
gold wing: gray Metallic / Black, matte eagle silver along with Red Candy
gold wing F6B: matte silver
gold wing F6B Deluxe: matte silver , matte pearl white
gold wing : $ 23.999
gold wing F6B: $ 20.499
gold wing F6B Deluxe: $ 21.499

Source: Bike Review: 2016 Honda Gold Wing / Gold Wing F6B

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