Best used cars for under £5k: used buying guide

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Mercedes-Benz CLK


Mercedes-Benz CLK

They say that will the average family cost £ 4800 . yet what if you swapped flip-flops for the keys to a completely new car? We run through the sub £ 5K choose by Classifieds

say that will costs a family holiday avearage just under £ 5000, or £ 4800 to be exact. yet what if you could swap flip flops as well as suncream for a completely new engine?

our resident expert used car is actually doing its best to tempt you away by the package holiday as well as the classified ads.

(1). Audi A4 Avant (2004-2008)

similar expenses for a trip for four overseas you could be transporting your family around inside Audi A4 Avant. There are more than enough of your children as well as the various other for the half, while the download will take Bay retrievers family.

Audi build quality customary as well as luxurious Inner surface make the common A4, while the Avant overtake the comfort as well as refinement. There are a lot of engines as well as specifications to choose by, yet while the S line versions look great, quite constant ride.

Check back having to wear Bush’s comment as well as pump the oil failure as well as get fully check the automobile before you buy. We found in 2007 2.0 S line with 61,000 miles for £ 4988.

2. Fiat Panda (2003-2012)

European city break may provide a fun weekend week, yet the European city car can have fun every day, as well as few are better than the Fiat Panda.

This particular is actually a little elegant a few Italian doors provides low-cost cars in a wide refined package that will will accommodate four adults. Panda has excellent steering that will is actually light in particular at low speeds, generating parking on the line as a game. We used to go to the petrol type 1.2 liters, a Cayenne across town as well as should return around 50mpg if you are careful.


2003-2007 cars to repair the ABS system short circuit that will could cause a fire, so to make sure This particular was done. We found 2007 bio 1.2 with less than 100,000 miles for £ 750.

(3). Ford StreetKa (2003-2006)

spend a week on a Riviera beach promenade can be hit as well as miss, yet on the correct day when the sun, there is actually little to overcome that will. as well as there is actually little to beat the Ford StreetKa, both for the money as well as entertainment value when the top down, as well as the sun is actually out.

that will’s elegant, such as St Ives Gallery, leadership as well as one that will is actually as much fun as surfing the wave barrel in Newquay. StreetKa as well as is actually easy to drive as well as maneuver around the city, although that will is actually less refined on the highways. Make sure that will the roof mechanism is actually in Great working condition as well as there is actually no water damage inside. Look for corrosion on the front subframe also.

found StreetKa 2003 with 49,000 miles on the clock for £ 1500

(4). Mercedes-Benz CLK (2002-2009)

you can sail around the Mediterranean, or you could be cruising in your very own two-door Mercedes coupe

as well as aged as well as CLK well as well as remain attractive as well as stylish, as well as inside correct specification – we choose sport with AMG alloy – they still turn heads. includes a mathematical sense, that will is actually built well as well as at its best as grand tourer for long distances, although that will is actually a bit tight at the back. Go for a silky V6 3.2-liter petrol with excellent speed automatic tray.

report, the owners of a little number of issues, yet keep an eye out for excessive corrosion wheel arch as well as go for an example of a fully serviced. CLK 320 as well as contemporaries of 2003 with 95,000 miles on the clock can be yours for £ 2950.

(5). Lexus GS (2005-2011)

luxury trip of the a few-star hotel inside Maldives serenity may be a holiday for some (or possibly more) , yet we consider that will for the same a few-spend figures you could get 450H Lexus GS – as well as being a hybrid, you’ll be doing your part to preserve the coral sand islands above the water line

you “ll be treated as the main ideal treatment dealer , comfortable ride, refinement as well as excellent performance of the powerful engine, as well as a lot of Ki standard, t as well as that will’s wrapped everything in a reliable package. as well as GS are not the best on the highway, though.

check the wheels oxidation at a time early, yet various other than that will, that will was reported a few cases the owner.

prices for the year 2008 GS 450hs the highest specifications with 60,000 miles at the beginning of the clock at about £ 10,000.

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Source: Best used cars for under £5k: used buying guide

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