Bentley to develop bespoke Mulliner designs

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Source : Bentley to develop bespoke Mulliner designs

Bentley Mulsanne division customization Bentley, Mulliner, will evolve to provide a detailed versions of off road vehicles for the company


Bentley [19459003andexplorewaystodevelopadetailedhersplitMulliner-withsixseatsMulsanneGrandLimousineisscheduledtobeunveiledin Geneva Motor show the first sign of the broader jurisdiction of

Asked if glimpsed high car redesign of a brand-new direction for Mulliner, who dedicated a long car colors along with also specifications to customer requirements, Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer said: “Yes, I think we can do more

.” Mulliner is actually one asset which has a history of nearly 500 years, although the name is actually not known along with also we must change that will. that will’s assets, both for customers along with also for us to develop one of the ideas along with also see where that will leads. that will is actually somewhere you could take the form of exceptional ideas along with also can develop little ideas for those on a larger scale. “

in response to a question about the Mulliner can go, along with also if that will can revive the art of the exoskeleton along with also one for manufacturing workers, along with also added Dürheimer:” that will is actually possible, yes. The only thing I say is actually that will Stefan Sielaff is actually the design director, along with also what he says is actually the rule. If someone wants to Bentley that will looks like a tank, along with also then he will say no

“although if the customer requires something unusual although delicious, then why do not we will explore all the ideas -.? Endless capabilities with the list of standard options, although extends to the Mulliner.

“all I add is actually that will the safety of our customers must come first. Anything that will modifications the aero, suspension or weight balance needs careful consideration – you can not just play with these things inside car is actually capable of 190mph “

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Source: Bentley to develop bespoke Mulliner designs

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