Bentley previews future design direction with autonomous limo

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Source : Bentley previews future design direction with autonomous limo

Bentley future of luxury automobile producer based Crow-shows how luxurious limousines might look like in 2036 in addition to sets to see how the next brand new versions will look


Bentley revealed how luxury sedan might look like in 2036, integrating technology independent leadership of the components are made by 3D printing, in addition to even three-dimensional servants to meet the needs of travelers.

image shows the kind of inside a car of luxury, chauffeur-driven end of the producer’s portfolio, in addition to perhaps Mulsanne , the item may be decades through currently.

in addition to the features of the cabin-style rear-seat lounge, such as a sofa in addition to positioned against each some other screens, information in addition to entertainment is actually made of flexible material, -0.5 mm thick in addition to is actually mounted on the side panels. the item is actually the work of the design team, consisting of 50 Bentley Stefan Sielaff, who joined the company as director of design last July, led by

“that will explains how the Inside of the Bentley has to develop in addition to, in particular, how to experience Excellencies must evolve inside the future, “said Sielaff.

“We are pushing with the material in addition to with the screens. Super-screen thin is actually still experimental, however the item is actually only as thick as a piece of paper, in addition to can bend the item. The future will monitor not be straight pieces of glass, in addition to instead will be incorporated inside the material . luxury client is actually not sitting in front of a shoebox all the time.

“with that will image we’re talking about luxury atmosphere in our cars. is actually the item possible to imagine that will that will is actually the inner part of the independent Bentley, despite the fact that will many of our customers already do not pay the same because they have drivers. “

represents Butler holographic” someone you can talk to him, the item’s not just a machine “to provide customers with Bentley more personalized experience.” that will is actually also part of luxury in addition to design inside the future. that will’s what we have to combine. “

In addition to seeing the 2036 luxury Inside, Sielaff hinted at some of the design aspects that will are closer to the reality of production in addition to” will take the Bentley design inside the future. “In fact can be inserted some signals inside the next automotive design , such as the Continental next , which is actually currently in development ahead of the expected launch in 2017.

will continue designs

Bentley future to confirm the British roots of the brand through what Sielaff indicates that will “fusion extremism,” with mathematical versions at one end of the spectrum in addition to luxury versions inside the some other party

with Bentley plotting brand new cars in its portfolio – the company said coach Wolfgang Dürheimer recently Autocar that will he would likely like to see up to seven product lines, with with potential offers inside the future, such as SUV derivative Bentayga in addition to the production type of the EXP 10 speed 6 coupe inside the final stages of the study – said Sielaff, “the overall ratio between performance in addition to luxury even get wider. We will have leaders ships get even more luxurious on the one hand in addition to more athletic on the some other hand, “

future Bentley designs will retain some elements of the familiar, such as the round headlamps – which refers to Sielaff.” Something that will should stay with Bentley forever “- in addition to two large design lines inside the outer lateral

.” One is actually what we call the “power line” in addition to the some other is actually the “rump”, “said Sielaff.” So to express mathematical statement actually we always separate the power line in addition to rump, however inside the more luxurious flagship versions extend a power line inside the rump to highlight the auto along. ”

future Bentley also increase the use of components made by 3D printing, inspired by the use of these techniques on EXP 10 speed 6 concept .

“3D printing is actually a great use for the item overcomes production problems for us. You can create a detailed in addition to complex components inside the past in addition to we will not be able to make by milling or casting, for example, the integration of a 3D image of the Union Flag inside the door hinge. that will can be done using 3D printing only.

“in addition to in detail on the Inside of the can also be 3D printing grille, which is actually also something inside the future is actually to go to each personal car in our family. We can play with the Inside of the grille more sporty or more elegant to make the item. that will are the things that will affect our language the future design through a technical perspective. “


Bentley sales potential between” millienials “tech savvy , in addition to” in addition to said their expectations will be different “Sielaff, who explained that will with the changing preferences to buy a car, Bentley has to respond. The presence of stone veneer is actually already incorporated inside the Inside of its cars “as an alternative to wood or metal, Bentley currently doing research in some other natural materials that will can be substituted for the skin.

” in California, especially inside the surrounding area, “he said.

“Los Angeles in addition to San Francisco, in addition to there are some customer trends that will will surely be coming to Europe, as well as the impact on our way of life in addition to our behavior these are more environmental in addition to sustainable living way, different way of behaving towards both society in addition to your Centeng, such as style vegetable life. that will is actually definitely coming inside the luxury car segment in a moment. These customers are not interested inside the leather upholstery inside the auto anymore because their lifestyle almost have prohibited the use of materials derived through animals.

“so we have experience with that will in addition to find alternatives. We are experimenting with leather protein in addition to with materials that will are natural in addition to textiles to meet these brand new expectations. that will gives us a great opportunity to re-internal invention of our cars.”

Bentley design team the item is actually also inside the famous refreshing process, the “Flying b ‘mascot grille in addition to badge’ winged b ‘.” they are part of the corporate identity so we have to be very careful how we can improve the item, “said Sielaff.


(light diode Organic) OLED technology involved in future versions, with Sielaff lights, explaining that will the company “has some ideas for displays three-dimensional OLED”.

“we have many different goals to meet, however must always be Bentley,” said Sielaff. “must smell, feel in addition to touch the item in addition to I think that will that will type of Bentley. that will applies not only on the material however also in architecture, such as the way the dashboard of our cars mimic the integration of our theme double wing. that will is actually part of the internal genetic code we have in addition to we will continue the item inside the future. “

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Source: Bentley previews future design direction with autonomous limo

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