Bentley Continental GT long-term test review: city slicker

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Source : Bentley Continental GT long-term test review: city slicker

Bentley Continental GT Bentley as well as also racking up miles, although the item’s not only high-speed, long-haul as well as also This particular is usually not bad for 19459004 ] I have thought often which even for the rich as well as also famous – not to mention humble Scribbler – A cost cut, where the damage value of the vehicle in usability


If you do not fear. Kerbing alloy of £ 1500, which reduces the interest in leadership inside the city, is usually the fact which your money has bought such a vehicle larger simply because the item is usually easier to go in golf .

which is usually where, I realized also likely continue to rise, we have Bentley Continental GT breaks all the rules.

as well as also, admittedly, the item has been reduced completely new cost of 125,000 £ to 85,000 £ before our car as well as also mileage, although there are additional things which work to their advantage

number one is usually the relative lack of bulk; the item’s big enough to impose, although tiny enough to be happy in a supermarket car park.

number two for me is usually the low speed, ride with suspended air.

most cars that has a 190mph top as well as also spoil quickly at low speeds through severe shrubs as well as also rates of suspension they need stability after three miles a minute

The following is usually clarity: to Conte seems neat although still sits higher than they used to be in additional 500bhp cars, as well as also feeding off which is usually the ease of entry as well as also exit.

If you use too much car, you will soon get sick warmly of the need to do balletic movements to get behind the wheel.

Finally, there is usually the shoe size, which has enough space for luggage weekend or three or even four people.

The result? There’s never a downside to taking Bentley . I know what I’ve discovered? which you need to take excessive problem to keep the vehicle clean.

expensive cars as well as also additional expensive most of their lives living in garages, used only in mild weather.

although Bentley gets dirty regularly. Fortunately, I’ve found which even if there is usually no convenient hand wash nearby, sleek lines as well as also make the Conte easier than most to wash as well as also there is usually such a huge space Centeng which becomes a real burden.

, which leaves only concern one: keep 21in alloy ‘elegant’ striking pristine

as well as also yet we keep them away through the constraints (precision-guided not bad visibility helps), although their situation is usually a source of great concern

otherwise, “owning” This particular car is usually just a breeze

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Bentley Continental GT V8 (2013)

miles 26100 completely new cost £ 125,000 cost at This particular point £ 85,000 Economics 22.5mpg errors exhaust rattle, tire valve expenses is usually not a

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Source: Bentley Continental GT long-term test review: city slicker

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