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Source : Bentley considering all-electric design

Bentley Bentayga Council Bentley weighing up offers all-electric car, yet confirmed will Bentayga SUV get a plug-in hybrid option of 2018


has developed a design Bentley cars powered by electricity only to the brand team, yet there is usually no certainty that will the item will make production.

design a brand new director Stefan Sielaff revealed to Autocar has accused his team with the debate within the company along with also that will electricity Bentley was among the projects submitted to the Council to stir controversy.

“Of course we are looking – along with also fee proposals we stirred up emotions,” he said. “Not every idea we have is usually to produce, yet to create something physical for debate allows us to test brand new ideas along with also we do not want to be thinking in one direction all the time – we want to challenge the agreements”

along with also Bentley Bentayga the item will be sold with the plug-in hybrid option through 2018, yet Bentley along with also divergent views of the Council on full electrification.

Head of Sales along with also Marketing Kevin Rose acknowledged collection along with also shipment of the shortcomings of the current electrical technology, yet added: “I might like to introduce an electric car the item is usually far through sure, yet customer demand is usually growing, along with also so on our agenda”

However, Bentley was coach Wolfgang Durheimer more cautious, saying: “.. along with also plug-in hybrid will be available in all our versions in a timely manner, yet I do not see the item on technology to bridge the gap along with also will give customers a range along with also they used to possess the ability to run inside the cities without any harmful emissions, for example, This specific is usually a not bad compromise.

“full electric is usually less certain. I do not see the item as a priority at the present time to our customers, not as crucial to the values ​​of our brand. “

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Source: Bentley considering all-electric design

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