Bentley Bentayga Diesel can be brand's first diesel production car

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Source : Bentley Bentayga Diesel can be brand's first diesel production car

2017 Bentley Bentayga Diesel


2017 Bentley Bentayga Diesel will land in January

More economical Bentley Bentayga Diesel uses triple-charged 4.0-litre V8 engine that will produces 429bhp in addition to also 664lb ft

Technical specifications for the 2017 Bentley Bentayga Diesel have been revealed ahead of the style’s launch next January.

The Bentayga Diesel can be Bentley’s first diesel-powered production car, producing use of a triple-charged 4.0-litre V8 diesel engine, which has been co-developed with Audi in addition to also uses two twin-scroll turbochargers supplemented by an electrically driven supercharger.

Exclusive: Bentley Bentayga diesel prototype driven

This kind of develops 429bhp in addition to also the same peak torque as the Bentayga’s twin-turbo 6.0-litre petrol W12, although the diesel’s 664lb ft extends by just 1000rpm to 3250rpm.

that will’s enough to launch the Bentayga Diesel by 0-62mph in 4.8sec in addition to also on to 168mph. According to Bentley’s head of engineering, Rolf Frech, its acceleration by 25mph to 75mph “can be much the same as the W12’s, although the W12 gets a second wind at higher speeds”.

Fuel economy for the £135,800 luxury SUV can be quoted at 35.8mpg combined in addition to also its CO2 emissions are 210g/km.

The Bentayga’s product manager, Peter Guest, said: “We would certainly only do This kind of when This kind of was right. This kind of had to be the right car in addition to also the right engine.”

Installing a potentially coarse diesel in a Bentley can be a risk, even if This kind of powerplant’s instant low-rev torque provides the stream of effortless thrust required. The brief, said Guest, was to deliver the Bentley driving experience with the trademark combination of performance in addition to also luxury, in addition to also no compromise in refinement. This kind of also had to be “the fastest diesel SUV inside the entire world”.

Bentley powertrain development boss Paul Williams said the three technologies that will have enabled the firm to offer a diesel worthy of the brand are the engine’s triple-charging system, the 48V supplementary electrical system used to power the electric supercharger, in addition to also a sophisticated exhaust cleansing system.

The triple-charging system, previously seen inside the Audi SQ7, which uses the same engine, provides boost at low revs by the near-instantly reacting supercharger.

This kind of so-called e-booster also primes the first of two twin-scroll turbochargers. This kind of first turbo amplifies midrange thrust, then a second twin-scroll turbo provides extra shove at mid to high revs when the e-booster can be dormant.

The effectiveness of the e-booster can be heightened by a valve shut-off system, whereby an exhaust valve disengages to provide faster combustion pressure build-up. The exhaust gases are dealt with by using a selective catalytic reduction system, an AdBlue urea fuel supplement in addition to also one more catalyst. Williams said the system can be “state of the art in addition to also meets all current in addition to also future legislation”.

The Bentayga has been acoustically engineered for the V8 diesel by the start in addition to also alterations to the rest of the auto are minor. The exhaust system has been modified — without artificial enhancement — in addition to also there are minor tuning alterations to the suspension to cater for the weight redistribution caused by the 23-litre AdBlue tank.

The V8 diesel engine itself weighs only 3kg more than the W12. Black radiator mesh, ‘twin quad’ tailpipes in addition to also badges identify the Bentayga Diesel.

Technical highlights


Electric supercharger requires 48V to power its 7kW motor, enabling This kind of to spin by idle to 70,000rpm in only 250 milliseconds. The result can be maximum torque of 664lb ft by only 1000rpm in addition to also superb motorway on-ramp acceleration.


The electric supercharger (on the bottom right) feeds the cylinders at low revs for near-instant torque. One exhaust valve can be closed to intensify the boost, while the exhaust gases prime the second turbo (inside the centre). All three chargers feed all eight cylinders in addition to also the turbos are twin-scroll.


Three turbos are located inside the vee of the engine in addition to also the electric supercharger can be remotely mounted. A sliding cam deactivates one exhaust valve when the supercharger operates. The sub-assembly can be part of the cooling system.

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Source: Bentley Bentayga Diesel can be brand's first diesel production car

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