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BMW 3 Series


BMW 3 series

a little opening, sports coupe, GT refined, exec pan-rounder or a luxury car: there is actually a BMW car for you in addition to also your budget

BMW enjoyed a Great reputation for mixing luxury with performance, talk about the line-up meets the taste. The used car market can offer a Great deal for decent, too. Here are a few of our favorites.

1 – BMW 3 series (1998-2005)

some consider This particular generation of series 3 (E46), in addition to also the item was better to look at history. The two-door coupe variation – in addition to also remains – a very favorite car, in addition to also the item retains the sleek in addition to also smart appearance

has ensured

BMW 3 series of which always drives well, E46 is actually no exception. 320Ci inside the Star, in addition to also you will get via a standstill to 60mph in 31.7mpg 8.3sec in addition to also return. Ride quality is actually top notch in addition to also your vehicle wide in addition to also includes a high-quality finish inside.

There are some reports of major problems with the 3-series, because the item was a Great design. Service is actually also reasonable costs.

We found 2.2 liter 320Ci sports show 49,000 miles for £ 4950.

2 – BMW 6 series (2003-2010)

after an absence of 14 years, in addition to also was a series of six to the BMW line-up in 2003 with equal amounts of hype in addition to also anticipation in addition to also uncertainty. On the basis of an excellent 5 series E60, E63 6 Coupe became the act’s controversial design era under the title of commander Chris bracelet design.

design divided opinion, in addition to also of which the prices paid to use less than one might expect, despite the fact of which your vehicle look less controversial today. the item’s great to drive, in addition to also cover long distances in style GT proper high-quality Indoor design. Service costs are reasonable, although spare parts in addition to also tires can be costly.

found aged 10 years, 60,000 miles automatic 645Ci £ 7795’s.

3 – BMW 1 series (2004-2011)

attempt BMW was the first inside the family to buy a hatchback is actually very favorite among the middle classes take their first steps inside your vehicle a distinct brand.

often criticized for boot size in addition to also lack of rear leg room, the 1 Series offers excellent driving experience, which has a delicate balance of Great in addition to also guidance. However, the poor ride off-road allows the item.

variation of the 3.0-liter petrol is actually a riot, sprinting to 60mph in 6.1sec in addition to also on only a top speed of 140mph.

Look for wear on the front tires as well as breeches driven, in addition to also beware of the gearbox in addition to also manual clutches wrong.


our research of which 56 panel 130i M Sport with 57,000 miles on the clock can you £ 6650.

4 – was my BMW 7 series (2002-2008)

7 series perhaps the biggest mistake Chris bangle. The design was awkward, nevertheless, as is actually the case with the 6 series, in addition to also means of which the design was controversial car buyers get a bargain today. What is actually more, softened facelift midlife some original harsh edges in addition to also restore a measure of elegance.

in addition to also as you would certainly expect, a series of seven huge, via home in addition to also abroad. The large cabin is actually lavishly equipped in addition to also will be transferred between meetings inside the comfort of salt.

there are errors related to electrical issues, with the interface in addition to also media iDrive suffer more than others. Air-con in addition to also boot Discharge can also be glitchy.

you can put 58,000 miles Sports 730d on your driveway for £ 10,000.

5 – BMW 5 series (2004-2010)

If you want to carry a few people in comfort, style in addition to also luxury, or knit together a series of corners on the road to the country’s difficult, series E605 does everything with ease.

delivers sporty driving experience, nevertheless ride quality the item is actually still compatible with VCD. Cabin look stylish, upmarket feel in addition to also bolted together nicely, too.

low running costs, with the economic engines, in addition to also Great reliability.

problems of which arise are likely to be relevant axes in addition to also electric. You should also listen for clonks, bumps or weird noises via the suspension while driving test.

in addition to also 525 d M Sport embodies the ability of This particular all rounder, in addition to also Unmuzj 2006 with less than 60,000 miles around £ 7500.

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Source: Bargain BMWs via £5000 – used car buying guide

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