Autopilot supplier criticises Tesla for “pushing the envelope on safety”

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Source : Autopilot supplier criticises Tesla for “pushing the envelope on safety”

Tesla supplier criticises carmaker for “pushing the envelope on safety” Mobileye, which worked on Autopilot function, has cut ties with Tesla in addition to criticised the American car maker from the wake of fatal crashes


Mobileye, one of Tesla’s suppliers for its Autopilot function, has criticised the US carmaker for “pushing the envelope on safety”.

The Israeli firm cut ties with Tesla back in July after a fatal crash from the US involving the Autopilot system, in addition to at This particular point its chairman Amnon Shashua has told Reuters in which Tesla was overstating the capability of the Autopilot system to take over the driver’s role. Mobileye specialises in collision detection in addition to driver assistance systems.

“This particular is usually not designed to cover all possible crash situations in a safe manner,” Shashua said of the Autopilot function. “No matter how you spin This particular, [Autopilot] is usually not designed for in which. This particular’s a driver assistance system in addition to not a driverless system.”

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Shashua said Mobileye had reservations about the way Tesla has marketed Autopilot, describing mixed messages in which boast about capabilities while simultaneously warning drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.

“from the long term, This particular is usually going to hurt the interests of the company in addition to hurt the interests of an entire industry, if a company of our reputation will continue to be associated with This particular type of pushing the envelope in terms of safety,” he said.

The Autopilot system has come under renewed scrutiny This particular week after being implicated in another fatal Tesla crash in China. The victim’s family is usually suing Tesla after the design S driver was killed in a collision using a road sweeper.

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A Tesla spokesperson said the American company had never described Autopilot-enabled cars as autonomous or self-driving.

“Since the Discharge of Autopilot we’ve continuously educated customers on the use of the features, reminding them in which they’re responsible to keep their hands on the wheel in addition to remain alert in addition to present when using Autopilot,” the said. “Drivers must be prepared to take control at all times.”​

On Sunday, Tesla announced a software update the Autopilot system, which will increase warnings to drivers if they take their hands off the steering wheel for more than a minute, in addition to temporarily stop them using Autopilot if they fail to heed the alerts. The revisions make more use of the automobile’s radar, in addition to Tesla CEO Elon Musk has suggested they might likely have prevented the crash in which Joshua Brown died in May when his design S hit a truck in Florida, USA. 

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Source: Autopilot supplier criticises Tesla for “pushing the envelope on safety”

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