Autonomous technology could increase traffic, study warns

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Source : Autonomous technology could increase traffic, study warns

Traffic has been urging manufacturers in addition to transportation agencies to cooperate to help develop in addition to integrate an independent technology


Autonomous cars will increase traffic congestion unless of which industry cooperate to develop technology, according to a completely new study.

white paper published by the provider maps here in addition to consulting company cars SBD manufacturers urged to move away via “all of their own in addition to acquisitions approach” in addition to begin work on what of which calls the cooperative self-parking rule.

of which includes more cooperation between carmakers Autonomous establish exchanges car, in addition to a network of roads in addition to infrastructure data in conjunction with local, state agencies in addition to means National Transportation

According to the white paper, there are two factors Home of which determine how autonomous cars will affect traffic conditions :. Level of automation, in addition to the level of user adoption of

says of which the basic levels of autonomy can have a minimal impact nevertheless positive in reducing congestion, nevertheless the highest autonomy levels can be congestion affects negatively if a low user adoption. They see the cooperation between the manufacturers in addition to the key to easing the transition more cars to autonomy on the road

, said Carrie Cox, co-author of the study in addition to senior director of product marketing at here: “The combined power of the vehicle sensor data path in addition to autonomous vehicles location services in a sophisticated real-time will go down within the end traffic congestion.

“nevertheless how do we get to of which goal in addition to what of which takes to get there, in terms of building digital infrastructure needed on a large scale, will be a call to action for all of us within the automotive industry. There will be a need for greater cooperation to ensure drivers in addition to operators the way both can easily move within the era of motorized vehicles. “

says SBD in addition to 11 million vehicles up to Europe in addition to the United States in addition to China, having a certain level of automation in 2016. By 2020, will be more manufacturers offer cars having a level of 4 or 5 technology autonomy, which will allow drivers to hand over control of the vehicle

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Source: Autonomous technology could increase traffic, study warns

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