Autonomous cars with emoji displays inside the pipeline

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Source : Autonomous cars with emoji displays inside the pipeline

Driverless car


experts say your vehicle without the driver soon a familiar sight on our roads

indicates will be shown graphical symbols inside the roof to allow a passenger car without a driver to communicate with those around them

passenger car without a driver will be able to communicate with others around them using graphical icons displays the vehicle roof, if the idea of ​​a silicon Valley company will be successful., a company which aims to retrofit cars with the technology of autonomy, along with also will be tested displays graphical icons in California, after the company agreed to test on the road earlier This kind of year, according to a report published in along with also Financial Times

supply both the front along with also rear to allow communications screens at one time to users several ways; for example, when they stopped at a pedestrian crossing points, your vehicle can indicate to pedestrians which the idea allows them to cross, while road users show which the reason behind your vehicle stopped which.

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communications vehicle to your vehicle will be a hot topic for developers independent automotive technology, where you need cars to be able to identify each various other, indicating your vehicle procedures designed to make the various other cars are aware of them.

goal with the presentation of an emoticon will be for the people inside those cars to communicate with each various other through emoticons, having a range of facial expressions along with also hand gestures are available.

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will be not yet clear if emoticons more aggressive, such as fist punching or middle finger, will be available for use, with critics of the proposal suggests which the idea may exacerbate the rage incidents on the roads.

In addition to the ability to display to show the emoticons, the display can also show the text, as well as having the ability to make sounds to help communicate your vehicle with various other road users. A spokesman has yet to comment on the proposal.

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Source: Autonomous cars with emoji displays inside the pipeline

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