Autonomous cars could put drivers at risk, says insurance industry

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Source : Autonomous cars could put drivers at risk, says insurance industry

Volvo XC90 autonomous car trials independent way to lead is usually completely free of accidents in 2025 as well as presents drivers with completely new challenges


time period between cars in which semi-autonomous regions full autonomy launch – likely to be seven years between 2018 as well as 2025 – is usually a major challenge for the drivers to stay safe as well as stay within the law, according to the VIP industry

with. Some manufacturers, including Audi , BMW , Mercedes , Tesla as well as Volvo , already sell cars with the advanced “autopilot features, as well as more manufacturers scheduled to join them as the advance of technology by 2018, James Dalton of British insurers Association (ABI), warned:” automation could be the biggest breakthrough within the field of traffic safety since the invention of the seat belt as well as insurance companies full support for its development. although we need to get there safely.

“The growth in features such as brake assist systems as well as automatic lane may give drivers a false sense of security in which they can relax while the vehicle looks after them. although unless a way is usually fully automated as well as able to respond appropriately in an emergency, drivers still have to be ready to regain control at any moment. ”

by 2018, This kind of is usually expected in which there will be a large number of cars on the road networks, respectively, which allow the driver to remove their feet by the pedals as well as hands by the steering wheel for up to three minutes on the highways. At 80mph, the vehicle travels four miles away at the time.

legislation in place in order in which systems shut down after three minutes, unless This kind of restores the driver manually. The driver also always be in a position to regain control if the alarm – This kind of seemed Although the survey methods used systems by manufacturers will usually only able to look three seconds the road at 80mph, allowing them minimal time to react

by 2021, the automotive industry as well as lawmakers expect in which trips the highway as a whole will be possible having a car in a completely stand-alone mode, without any interference by the driver, while by 2025 the expectation is usually in which the vehicle will do the full tour with the only driver he worked to set the destination. This kind of is usually the transition period between the leadership semi-autonomous as well as independent leadership completely, which raised the most concern.

research what the vehicle? We have already shown in which a quarter of drivers want to be able to sleep while the vehicle autonomous drives them to their destination

Peter Shaw, CEO of Research Thatcham, as well as added: “Automated vehicles possess the ability to transform our roads, reducing congestion as well as accidents., motor vehicles actually the first, where the driver is usually able to hand over control in a particular case, such as on the highway, not to be on the road until sometime after 2021. time

“within therefore, This kind of is usually important in which we do everything possible to minimize the risk of accidents. The danger is usually in which with the evolution of technology, drivers have become more confident, as well as you will begin to be used in circumstances in which are not designed for.

“Our clear message is usually in which even in 2021, required drivers to stay on the ball as well as control the rules of the road. If you are not clear on the functionality of any feature on your car, then check with the maker of the vehicle or sale”

talk about the implications of independent leadership completely by the insurance industry – which centered on expectations in which there will be car accidents – said Dalton: “automation will lead to send shock in many industries. facing automakers threats to style their own business by tech giants such as Google as well as Apple as well as the need to move quickly to keep up.

“there will always be a need for insurance as well as the insurance industry, which is usually used to cope with the risks as a completely new show as well as others fade. Potential prize here is usually a significant reduction in road accidents, resulting in fewer deaths as well as injuries on our roads. in which insurance companies would likely love to see in which become a reality, as well as they are doing everything they can to help support advances in motor vehicles. “

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Source: Autonomous cars could put drivers at risk, says insurance industry

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