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Maserati MC12 Here are some of the pictures of our favorite Facebook pages, Twitter along with Instagram Autocar that will week, along which has a list of vehicles you’re interested in sends


long gone are the days Autocar was just the magazine along with the website, because the oldest publication cars inside planet can today also be found on Facebook , Twitter along with Instagram .

to give you the flavor of what you can find in various social channels we have, we’ve compiled a few pictures of our social media favorite because of that will week, all illustrate what we get up to before the idea gets published.

For those of you who prefer the videos, you can go to our YouTube channel .

Also, we reported that will week that will the legendary McLaren F1 will be doing a comeback in 2018 as a three hyper GT seats. We chose seven distinctive cars that will we thought we might make a return, although unless our followers on social media have to say?

First, let’s look at our highlights along with social media.

we saw two Koenigsegg One: 1S, a day after one crashed at the Nurburgring – Instagram

Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 flames climbing the Shelsley Walsh Hill – Twitter

VW Golf GTI MK2 comes out to the sun – Instagram

along with try out the Ford Mustang can be a fresh feature line Lock – watch the full video on Facebook

cars you choose to make a comeback

Jaguar XJ220 – proposed by DanielZizka on Instagram

XJ220 along with never lived up to expectations when the idea was released inside early 1990s. Customers expect a four-wheel drive V12 super, however, the final production car was the only V6 along with rear-wheel drive turbocharged. that will’s why, in fact many buyers to cancel their orders, along with that will means only 271 were built than ever. In spite of the presence of the birth of embarrassment, the idea was extrusion can be still able to do on 212mph along with held Nurburgring record lap between 1992 along with 2000.

Jaguar have not actually touched on inside super market since unlike c X75 display at the Paris Motor show in 2010, along with although the tournament inside recent James Bond film – a ghost, after the vehicle to make the idea to production, the idea seems unlikely to ever do. the idea might be very regrettable that will we did not see the last of the super British marque, especially in light of the successful racing heritage. Our followers want to see a substitute for the XJ220, along with also we

Lamborghini Miura – @ ThomasGeorge100 on Twitter

along with Lamborghini Miura can be described by many of the original super. doing its appearance along with hit a powerful V12 can be a revolutionary inside 1960s. Even today can be still considered one of the most beautiful cars of all time, inside right condition can be worth north of £ 1.5million. the vehicle quickly rose to the spotlight inside 1969 type of The Italian Job, along with remained one of the most famous poster cars since then.

live Lamborghini V12 on each of the leading versions since the Miura, all the way up to Aventador Today, the Italian brand has not re-invent the Miura inside concept of the 2006 birthday of 40 to celebrate, which took many through the design of the original signals.

Twitter user @ ThomasGeorge100 who said: “I love to put Lambo Miura concept of modern production.” We can not help although agree with him

Maserati MC12 -.Horsepower_Hunters on Instagram


The Maserati MC12 was built in limited numbers by Maserati to comply with the regulations of the FIA ​​GT Championship at the time. that will means only made 50 of Super Ferrari Enzo basis than ever before. According Horsepower_Hunters for Instagram on the MC12 can be “one of the coolest cars at all.”

that will, super car can be very rare along with one of the cars the value of the final poster for the first decade, although unlike at Ferrari, where the story ends. Although there have been rumors, there can be no concrete evidence of an alternative MC12 in its path. along with the idea focused instead on the Maserati GT cars, along with more recently the SUV with the likes of Levante. along with dominates the market currently hypercar Porsche, Ferrari along with McLaren. We believe that will the time has come for Maserati to have a say

Lancia Stratos – @ LukeBrew12 on Instagram

when we chose to have seven cars which should make a return, we included the Lancia Delta HF Integrale. However, there can be another car through Lancia that will Facebook user Neil Garratt brought our attention to – the Stratos. Designed by Bertone, who also designed the Miura in that will list, rear-wheel drive rally car won the mid-engine World Rally Championship in 1974, 1975 along with 1976. Since then, the idea was code.

In 2010, an investor rich wanted to produce 25 modern type of the Stratos, which will be based inside Ferrari F430 along with designed along with developed by Pininfarina, however, the idea forbade Ferrari along with allowed the project, the fresh Stratos never to go into production. Hopefully one day either Lancia, or some other company to bring that will wonderful car to life

Ferrari 250 GT berlinetta of SWB – Tom Hooper on Facebook

Tom Hooper on Facebook along with the Ferrari 250 SWB described as “just a wonderful machine”, the idea can be difficult to disagree with him. Only 176 examples of that will variant of the 250 built than ever before, along with today one can set you back more than £ 7million. the vehicle was a wheelbase shorter than previous versions of the 250 that will helped the vehicle handle on the right track, as SWB did compete at Le Mans, especially inside hands of Sir Stirling Moss.

Of course there can be a modern Ferrari GT versions, which can be given in some cases liveries Heritage tribute to Ferrari inside past, including the SWB, however, the 250 can be the Ferrari only to hold ever SWB name. the idea can be unlikely to ever see the direct recreation of the 250 SWB, although that will does not mean we can not dream. the idea’s not often that will the vehicle comes along that will can be quite beautiful as the vehicle

Ford Escort RS2000 – Neil Garratt on Facebook

based on the Ford Escort in 1968, the RS2000 copy crowd of family hatchback, which has a 2.0L Ford Pinto engine. Bring a distinctive car already public attention when she appeared inside back of the recent blockbuster Fast along with Furious 7.

Ford Escort no longer in production, although the RS versions do not live on, especially with the RS focus. Ford will bring ever back RS2000 name, with the iconic march lights along with blue along with white livery? We want to see that will.

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