Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award winners – where are they at This specific point?

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Source : Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award winners – where are they at This specific point?

Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award 2011 Final Katie Jones Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award helped to drive Katie to her dream job at Jaguar Land Rover


in addition to also Autocar-Courland next generation Award has pushed many young, budding professionals within the automotive industry.

has previous final gold winners to work at manufacturers like McLaren, Aston Martin, Ford, Seat, in addition to also with entrances open to competition This specific year, a fresh wave of creators in addition to also promising preparing to pitch their ideas to industry leaders.

Katie Jones, a finalist in 2011, went on to become chief designer for coloration in addition to also materials for fresh cars SUV decisive Jaguar, in addition to also F- Pace. Here, she tells us how, the day after her experience the next generation award, went to a student is actually determined to lead the company.

how to work in Jaguar Land Rover ends?

“This specific was a few years too busy. After graduating via the University of Leeds in 2012 that has a BA (Hons) in design in addition to also coloration technology, I only had the weekend one before you start out as a designer Inner surface.

“my first design project in addition to also the high-end car” innovation “showroom, in addition to also 5,000 square feet of luxury retail showroom in central London. Showroom detailed presentation tailored suits, handbags, accessories in addition to also furnishings handmade exclusive, art gallery, fine wines in addition to also champagne, in addition to also the project was definitely useful to start my career.

“work as This specific was an Inner surface designer in London wonderful, although remained my passion with the automotive industry. in addition to also provided an opportunity for me to work in colors in addition to also materials designer at Jaguar Land Rover, in addition to also jumped at the opportunity.

” with the design expertise I had, in addition to also also additional tests such as Autocar-Courland next generation Award, was presented to me a dream job. “

what This specific was like to work on Jaguar F- Pace?

” I have had the privilege of working on the fresh F- Pace. Taking the concept of your vehicle is actually very well-received in commercial production was very exciting. “I was the lead project designer for coloration in addition to also materials. The role of a tough although very rewarding, especially seeing the finished product come to life.

” The main objectives of my page within the development in addition to also delivery of both Inner surface in addition to also external materials in addition to also finishes of your vehicle, in addition to also coordination with the design in addition to also marketing Engineering in addition to also maintained along with external suppliers to ensure design intent in addition to also vision at all stages of the development process.

“ideas, strategies in addition to also updates made to the management to keep them informed of progress throughout.

” The role requires a high-performance physical requirements as well as the knowledge to understand the past, present in addition to also future market trends.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work that has a dynamic in addition to also enthusiastic team where we can implement innovative materials in addition to also designs.”

What is actually your advice for people entering the Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award This specific year? “If you can identify a gap within the market, in addition to also the opportunity to present your ideas to the panel well-connected in addition to also experienced rewarding incredibly, although This specific can be very difficult. This specific is actually very important to be clear in addition to also confident when communicating your idea to a panel.

” Generation Award Next This specific can open doors in addition to also provide crucial experiences for the next generation of designers who wish to enter the globe of the automobile industry. “

your chance to get involved

If you are aged between 17 in addition to also 25 years old in addition to also I have an idea that will would likely be the United Kingdom enhanced commercial vehicles, described in 1000 words, in addition to also can be that has a chance to win £ 9000 in addition to also work experience for six months. This specific year, the three candidates present their ideas in front of industry experts, including Mike Hughes, executive director of the Association of manufacturers in addition to also auto dealers, Joe Lopez, head of technical excellence within the Jaguar Land Rover, in addition to also Autocar General editor of the armed forces Steve Kroble.

“, the automotive industry in great condition definitely, there are a bewildering number of firms fantastic car to indulge in,” says Kroble. “there is actually something for everyone, in addition to also young people is actually definitely important to manufacturers, so This specific is actually time wonderful to engage within the industry. This specific is actually vintage era definitely. “

If you want to apply, click here for more information.

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Source: Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award winners – where are they at This specific point?

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