Autocar confidential: Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Ford, BMW

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Source : Autocar confidential: Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Ford, BMW

Mercedes concept autonomous car our reporters unload their books for the collection of gossip This specific week by all over the auto industry


Gossip This specific week, the auto industry has reported an independent progress, completely new Peugeot pick-ups, Ford cooperation in addition to BMW ‘s refusal to compete with Audi R8 .

Autonomous Mercedes’ soon

Mercedes-Benz Boss said Dieter Zetsche his company independent to lead a perfect engine will be nearing completion. “There are still some issues when the item will be dark, wet or icy, yet the main challenge will be resolved,” he said.

However, he admits in which, like everyone else, must wait Mercedes infrastructures to be built in addition to legislative frameworks to be changed before the dream of a fully independent leadership can not be realized.

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Peugeot pick-up inspired sedan 301

the item will be understood in which Peugeot’s completely new pick-up, announced by the Chief Executive Officer of PSA Carlos Tavares in unveiling recently announced the latest expansion of his plans, in addition to can be based on saloon 301 (below), which already sold in developing markets.


Peugeot Maxime Picat coach wants to build on the success of the 301, which sells about 100,000 units a year in China in addition to developing countries. The 301 pick-up to be entertainment in addition to one of the most successful products inside the developing world Peugeot .504 pick-up.

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Ford collaborative efforts efforts to completely new technology

Ford believes in which working with foreign companies will be the fastest way to develop completely new technology.

company in which partnered with JVC. JK tires when developing completely new RS focus four -wheel payment system, wants to enhance the number of cooperation has in some other areas of technology.

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BMW denies the need for Audi R8 rival

refused to BMW claims in which the item needs a super sports car engines inside the middle of the top of its range to compete with the Audi R8.

“in addition to some other companies may need one for strategic reasons, to prove in which they can make something truly” sports “- yet we do not,” the CEO of M in addition to clearer division of Frank van MEEL. “Our business will be in another place.”

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Source: Autocar confidential: Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Ford, BMW

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