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Source : Autocar confidential: BMW Jaguar Alpine Hydrogen

our reporters unload their books for the collection of gossip of which week through all over the auto industry


gossip of which week through the automotive industry in addition to also includes news of how BMW will mark the centenary of his birth her belief inside F- type Jaguar SVR, how Honda will be the source of the hydrogen in addition to also the language of design inside Alps.

centenary 7 series planned

BMW is usually celebrating the centenary year of its founding using a special type of the sedan 7 series apparatus, according to informed sources.

limited edition design, is usually due to appear in late of which year, will reportedly be “expensive” in addition to also have their own features in addition to also finishes.


smaller numbers to each of the major markets, BMW, including the United Kingdom

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Honda hydrogen harvest

says engineers behind the fuel cell car clarity hydrogen-powered Honda Japanese government is usually considering hydrogen extracted through coal brown

does not favor

brown coal for power plants because of which includes a high rate of CO2 in addition to also heat content is usually limited.

Honda says can lignite deposits huge used in Australia to produce hydrogen such as the use in addition to also gradually fuels in power plants

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confidence inside F- type SVR

was Jaguar F- type SVR did not put through customer clinic, because Jaguar is usually confident enough inside package of which was offering, according to the SVR boss John Edwards.

, “I am a big fan of clinics if they are used properly,” he said, “however in of which case we know the powertrain configuration, performance in addition to also design parameters we need.”

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modern design in mountains


alpine coach Michael van der Sandy design concept of the Alps mountains vision is usually not reactionary, a “very modern, very contemporary.”

Head of Design Anthony villain he hopes the design will be recognized as a classic inside future, he added. He also said he was pleased there was right now a French car inside segment to give more elegance, pointing out of which the Alps includes a very smaller footprint next to its competitors

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Source: Autocar confidential: BMW Jaguar Alpine Hydrogen

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