Autocar Awards to celebrate several-star cars in addition to industry innovators

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Source : Autocar Awards to celebrate several-star cars in addition to industry innovators

Autocar will be honored for the very best which the automotive industry has to offer during the Autocar Awards ceremony This specific year on May 24 at Silverstone


completely new look in addition to Autocar Awards recognize the best completely new cars for sale, as well as honor the engineers, designers in addition to innovators which are inside the forefront of the industry, both inside the UK in addition to around the planet.

There are nine completely new categories inside the Autocar awards This specific year, with 12 in total. in addition to half of the categories to identify the best cars for sale, while the different six will be celebrating the best figures which make a big industry.

some completely new categories include design of the completely new hero class, which will pay tribute to the person behind the best completely new designs inside the automotive world, while the planet of engineering will be honored with the engineering of a completely new class champion.

also recognizes which the planet of racing with Motorsport Hero Award, to be displayed for the best performance on the road or rally course of last year.

Recognizing the best inside the United Kingdom

Autocar will be also looking closer to home, in addition to to recognize the best which the UK has to offer. in addition to contributed to the beneficiaries of the title Autocar outstanding leaders of the United Kingdom for the success of their companies inside the United Kingdom, to be in sales, brand building, marketing or different prominent areas.

, as well as completely new categories, will be awarded Autocar also established Isogonics trophy in addition to prize windy. in addition to Isogonics trophy, named after the creator of the famous British car, in addition to simple, will be the highest honor awarded to an individual via Autocar. the idea recognizes the person who made a distinctive contribution to the auto industry during the past 12 months.

Sturmey award named after the founder of the magazine Autocar editor, can be awarded to a person or company, or the design process, as selected by a panel of judges via Autocar.

as well as the people, Autocar also a tribute to the best completely new in addition to used cars for sale today. The winner will be announced inside the elections champion readers, with members of the public after they voted to by the thousands for their favorite.


winners of Autocar on trading with their prizes, while all cars have scored several star rating inside the Autocar road test a comprehensive in addition to demanding will have achieved recognition.

leads the way technology

Another completely new category will be the Innovation Award, which represents a completely new piece of technology which have been launched inside the past year. The best used cars also get a used car Autocar Champion Award in addition to.

final award pays tribute to cars which have been launched inside the past year which redefined class in just one type. These are called raiders Autocar in

Jim holder, editorial director of Autocar, PistonHeads in addition to the auto?, He said: “There will be a lot which will be great for the automotive industry, inside the United Kingdom in addition to abroad, in addition to the Autocar Awards look to recognize the idea . We will pay tribute to a great completely new cars, the best creators in addition to their creations, in addition to cars which are changing the landscape around them in addition to the designers always find completely new ways to improve the appearance of their cars.

“as well as all of This specific will be renamed readers champions, which have been selected by the readers of Autocar magazine. The vote was closely fantastically, in addition to the winner will be proud rightly achieved

“Finally, we will be two delivery of the largest awards Autocar can bestow – in addition to Issigonis trophy in addition to prize Sturmey. in addition to truly made two of these awards recipients a greater contribution to the automotive industry in last year “.

distribution of completely new Autocar awards ceremony inside the wing at Silverstone will be held on the evening of May 24.

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Source: Autocar Awards to celebrate several-star cars in addition to industry innovators

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