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Autocar awards Our annual awards recognize some of the cars along with the most important figures inside industry. We run through This kind of year’s winners


was Autocar awards This kind of year, a fresh look, a fresh place along with more recognition for high achievers inside automotive industry. Held at Silverstone Wing impressive on Tuesday night, after the great success of the Expo CDX car dealer earlier inside day, he admitted us to the event renovated cars in which have made us a coveted a few-star rating road test inside last 12 months, as well as a few additional backup vehicles in which we consider to be a game changer industry.

Carlos Tavares wins Issigonis trophy during the Autocar Awards salute

I’ve also paid for engineers, designers along with innovators who are doing their way inside forefront of the industry, whether inside UK along with around the planet

the peak of the evening show we have two major awards: along with Issigonis trophy, which honors a person who has contributed most to the health along with excellence along with competitiveness of the industry, European cars, along with the award Sturmey, named after the founder of Autocar coming from 1895 saluting innovation along with achievement inside automotive industry.

Simon Saunders wins Sturmey Autocar Award in

Read on to discover more about each of the winners along with find out why they have impressed us a lot during the 12 months last

a few-star cARS

has just been awarded a half-dozen cars on the classification of the maximum coveted by the road test team Autocar during the past 12 months

We have honored all of them on the Prize

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

video review our Porsche 911 RS GT3 here

is actually probably the most rewarding car Porsche makes, yet also the only one with bared teeth properly. Difficult, demanding along with enormous – easily worth twice the cost list already – the only thing in which made GT3 look modest.

McLaren 570S

Watch our video impressions 570 for S McLaren

in 2014, McLaren won a few-star to be hung inside most expensive way possible with the P1. along with 570 S greatest achievement: a sports car the size of the upper along with depth of capability, along with confirm the stunning ascent of the company.

Porsche Cayman GT4

Watch a video review of our Porsche Cayman GT4 here

Cayman has always been touched shine. The GT type, furnished having a 911 engine, measuring barely came as a surprise. We saved in which for how to access them, pretty comprehensive along with affordable Porsche made.


see our video of Ariel Nomad here

today Bedouin turned up with hydraulic hand brake, suspension WRC- additional specifications along with look of mad Max, we know in which someone has finally placed in front of “fun” along with center. Super type is actually even better.


our Ford Focus RS video test track


Ford a way to make access to the fresh RS seems crucial as any super’s. This kind of will not work if the type does not measure up, yet in which does not – along with how. As a result the gauntlet to its competitors, the impact of a deep crater RS.

Ferrari 488 GTB

our Ferrari 488 GTB video review

, along with the item seems impossible in which Ferrari may be due to turbocharging without some of the weaknesses of the product. yet the 488 GTB is actually clearly close to perfect as its predecessor, mixing brutal speed with mind-bending ease of use.

Innovation Award


This kind of may not seem like a natural place to look for innovation, yet the fresh Audi SQ7 is actually packed with technology in which would certainly be great in This kind of industry over the next few years along with beyond.

featuring the largest electric 48V subsystem in which drives the active anti-roll bars (as is actually the case with Bentley Bentayga ), along with more important, an electric compressor driven (actually Turbo electric) in which reduces the delay to levels do not remember, along with allows much wider than shove a diesel engine to spread. They need to 48V system rather than just the traditional 12V along with one for the item, along with anti-roll bars, require sufficient gravity effort to act quickly along with forcefully.

there will be a growing need

largest to pay not only the electric turbo electrical systems yet also mild hybrid systems, along with more of chassis systems, information along with entertainment everadvanced, speed along with direction controls the semi-autonomous operations. along with SQ7 there already with the technology, along with we salute the item.

HERO engineering

Tyrone Johnson

Director of Automotive Engineering, Ford Performance

auto industry can not be enough to reap respectively, enthusiastic, driven by engineers such as Tyrone Johnson. There is actually glamor inside eyes of This kind of man as he talks about the fresh outstanding huge hole in which he along with Ford’s engineering team produced a performance: Serbia Mk3 to focus. Ghosh did not do. He knows he does not need them.

there harm in his smile, which lists the disadvantages of competitors focus on ( “exaggerated, onedimensional, boring”). He had, in short, exactly the same ideas as you or I after a campaign in hatchback Hot typical interview: “the item’s fast, sure, yet I wish I could be more fun” along with then he had a commitment, skill along with support to turn This kind of gap into an opportunity materialized. If you see Johnson, you’d be smiling, too.

A Ford jailed for life for more than 30 years of experience, Johnson spent his early career working inside first Ford “private car team” Mustang , as well as the teacher MK1 Mondeo. The intervention came at the highest levels of motorsport with Stewart Ford along with Jaguar Racing, as well as inside planet Rally Championship having a team M- Sport Ford, during the late 1990s along with 2000s.

Returning to the Ford Team RS, which became part of Ford’s performance in 2014, he had an effect on the development of guidelines along with adjust the dynamic of the auto, such as the current focus ST, the Fiesta ST along with the fresh Mustang. With these, in addition to the fresh RS, in his autobiography, he was a man of services will be in high demand for years to come.

design HERO


Vice President, Design Renault

along with they never put the item on the record, yet the great leaders in practically all leading European car company would certainly love to have Laurens van den Acker – Renault ‘s boss design in the past seven years – creative departments run their own, yet if he was available

there are several Great reasons for their enthusiasm, yet one stands out above the rest: the sales success. Working having a cohesive team, the Dutch established a generator van den Acker design of This kind of warmth along with appeal globally style – along with so recognized by others in different correction – in which appeals immediately to the ordinary people who make up by far the largest percentage of car buyers.

demand, crossover segment B- Captur in which pulls the eye Renault, shows in microcosm the impact of This kind of success, Renault’s design is actually having on sales.

“At present, we often hear coming from people who know in which they want Captur, even though they may have never considered before Renault,” says one of the outer London Renault dealer. “I love the way the item looks. They are happy to take the mechanical design along with even the cost of confidence, as long as we have a positive story to tell about colors along with delivery dates.”

van den Acker’s success inside last adjustment was designed pattern of the recently launched Megan , a car which varied wildly as a result of repeat whimsical fortunes inside past. having a look neat inside end, the Megane family finally returned.

along with van den Acker revolution began in 2009, when the designer was convinced to join Renault coming from Mazda, where he was the main designer. A year later, at the Paris Motor Show, the item launched DeZir concept car electric coupe , who said at the time will be very influential on the Renault inside future. Six years ago, the auto still looks very modern. Who says van den Acker, is actually the bottom line.

Motorsports HERO

incision TANDY

The winner of Le Mans with Porsche in 2015

answer to meet motorsport for Jamie Vardy to Leicester City Football Club. Prolific striker honed his predatory instincts, along with scored a goal inside non-league football before achieving certification rarely inside Premier League heights. Tandy learned racecraft him inside frenzied world of grassroots short oval race along with today incorporates a trophy to the winner of the Le Mans 24 hours along with resting on his mantel.

Tandy win for in Los Angeles goes along with Nico Hülkenberg along with Earl Bamber in was the Porsche 919 hybrid along with one of the optimistic stories of This kind of season’s 2015 race, along with was the cause of winning our Motorsport Award champion opening .

is actually an example of what can be achieved with the hard graft of the project along with iron will. After chasing the dream of single-seat as far as F3, along with you said he turned to sports racing along with was impressed strongly Porsche Carrera Cup, winning games business, which culminated inside drive This kind of engine type – along with as a result of the novel – the most famous endurance race of them all.

turning points

cars in which set fresh standards or convention challenged by transforming the existing system upside down.


SUV giant Bentley is actually not just a full-out 97. the term of the year than previous versions. along with the item will soon be selling more of the company books. Driven by a surge in worldwide demand inside premium SUV, is actually to hit the big time less than a year after the launch. Fortunately, the item’s a great car, built beautifully along with meticulously crafted.


confidence BMW to bring the purity of the rear-wheel drive heritage along with performance cars M in size along with cost arena populated by hot hatchback. M2 is actually currently engaged in a battle royal against the best hot hatches, yet for buyers who put a high value on the engineering design for the drivers, there will be competition.


Jaguar has been waiting for most of her life because of This kind of car, which is actually the first competitor honest-to-God BMW 3 series along with A4 Audi in which the British company ever. Engineered carefully along with beautifully styled, the item matches the best of the Germans while offering a reward lighter, courtesy of the construction of the aluminum her.


when he bought my generation Volvo , became the first Chinese company to control the “old” western marque. How can we deal with the first big task: to replace Nasir car payment European quartet loved? This kind of fresh XC90 is actually the answer. Geely Volvo specialists skillfully helped to build the auto they want to build, along with the result is actually fantastic.

Vauxhall Astra

This kind of car literally excellent reason GM still makes cars in large numbers inside United Kingdom. The labor along with management at the port of Ellesmere company together factory fight, against long odds, to keep the place as the home of Astra – along with were rewarded with the status of being the main station of the type

cARS best driver in Britain ‘S

We salute the champion kicks best car driver along with we have almost £ 30K winner.

Ferrari 488 GTB

You only need to look at the auto along with Ferrari pulse – specifically , along with Ariel Nomad along with Porsche 911 GT3 RS – to get a grasp on the amazing quality. Rapier like on the road, without exclusion, usable on the road without the remote control, along with stunning to look at along with listen to them in between. private car.

Mazda MX-5

almost no competition inside £ 30K subdivision. Mazda resulted in a convertible sports cheap worthy of the item’s determined to return to the MX-5 the original values ​​- lightness, agility, frugality along with thrill – ” boasted the planet’s favorite. Pleasure in every speed.

use the auto of the Year

Lexus is actually

along with we do not choose Lexus , along with the auto used because of This kind of year. You did.

what we’ve seen along with heard coming from the owners, mechanics, auto trade convinced us in which there is actually another type in which deserves the title. The simple fact is actually in which no one incorporates a bad word to say about them Lexus is actually .

our used car expert, James Robert, users build one up mileage 300000 a bunch of years without the item missing a beat. Perhaps the fact in which the item has not cooled down was a factor, yet what was more remarkable is actually what went wrong. nothing. Apart coming from the cost lamp bulb, tires along with wipers, all I did was work. Nothing fell off ever. the item was more important in which This kind of is actually the rule 250. There were not exceptions. How boring is actually in which?

In fact, not at all dreary. Here is actually the original Far East BMW 3 series : spacious along with well-equipped along with built brilliantly. If I were an executive places to go, the item was the most perfect 250. Right today, used buyers can take more than a point at which they stopped at a fraction of the original cost. So well done, everyone. Great choice.

Readers Award “

Lotus Elise

today 20 years old, along with Lotus Elise “appears ‘s appeal no sign of receding. This kind of has been proven here, where Elise is actually the runaway winner of the award decided by the readers of Autocar magazine, who named their favorite coming from a shortlist of 50 cars for sale classify as the best in Britain today.

You, like us, love is actually clearly the fact in which Elise remaining ones of the sweetest, purest driving experiences can be at any cost, along with in which is actually perfectly tuned for UK roads.

Lotus Elise updated every year, along with the latest revisions brought back under £ 30,000 at the end of one of the group along with the creation of Elise faster along with more focused so far on the additional side. Each copy lighter than ever before, too.

fresh coach Jean-Marc storms clearly “gets” Lotus, along with This kind of award is actually a doffed cap coming from the audience to the call progress along with Elise continues to make.

Heroes of the United Kingdom

we have to choose coming from an independent achievements out of the auto industry inside United Kingdom.

Lance Bradley

Mitsubishi Motors inside United Kingdom, Managing Director

when Bradley announced in which he was going to sell Outlander PHEV for the same cost of equivalent diesel type, the item turned the electric car market inside United Kingdom upside down. Thanks to his vision – along with the courage to back the item with action – along with PHEV is actually today the best-selling car in Britain electrified by some margin, along having a Mitsubishi whole has seen a raise


Mercedes -benz inside United Kingdom, Chief Executive along with Managing Director


brutal Mercedes having a reputation as an innovator having a track record to activate whichever company he led. As usual Mercedes was the fastest growing luxury car brand inside UK for several years today, along with the way the item has encouraged both his team along with his traders to follow his vision along with innovation in its approach to car sales is actually remarkable.

Tony Whitehorn

Hyundai inside United Kingdom, President along with CEO

Whitehorn has the rare talent to express even the most complex tasks simple terms along with, in doing so, carrying his team with his vision because both grow sales along with increase profits. He said he understands This kind of business inside out along with also showed a willingness to gamble on the innovations, most notably the embrace of the Internet along with shopping center agents before anyone else.

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Source: Autocar Awards – the 2016 winners

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