Audi's 592bhp TT Clubsport Turbo – brand new pictures

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Source : Audi's 592bhp TT Clubsport Turbo – brand new pictures

Hot Audi TT Coupé-based concept features electric turbochargers as well as can reach 193mph


Audi has revealed brand new pictures of its TT Coupé quattro-based Clubsport Turbo concept ahead of the Wörthersee tuning festival.

The concept, which features a newly developed 2.5-litre several-cylinder petrol engine as well as two electrically driven turbochargers, gets aggressive styling as well as a total power output of 592bhp.

The transversely mounted powerplant is actually claimed to propel the latest in a long line of TT show cars via 0-62mph in just 3.6sec as well as on to a claimed top speed of 193mph.

The heavily reworked TT Coupé is actually described by Audi’s head of research as well as development, Ulrich Hackenberg, as a technology concept created to provide a glimpse into the sort of features we can expect to see appear on future designs via the German car maker.

“Electric turbocharging signifies a brand new dimension,” he said. “We are close to production readiness with that will technology with our diesel engines. today we are presenting the idea which has a petrol engine, too. We are the first car maker to do that will.”

At the heart of the TT Clubsport Turbo is actually a brand new incarnation of Audi’s traditional several-cylinder petrol engine. While retaining the same 2480cc capacity as the existing unit used inside RS3, the idea is actually described as being brand new via the ground up. “the idea is actually a clean sheet design,” said Hackenberg.

With the help of a brand new twin electric turbocharged induction system, the engine develops a specific output of 239bhp per litre. Torque swells to a peak of 479lb ft on a band of revs between 3000 as well as 7000rpm.

As well as previewing the German car maker’s plans to add electric turbocharging to its petrol engine line-up inside near future, the brand new two-seater also provides an insight into Audi’s plans for a 48V electrical system. Set to get its first airing on the upcoming SQ7, which will be the first design slated to use Audi’s electrically turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine, Hackenberg hinted that will the idea will become a regular feature on upcoming designs.

The 48V electrical system is actually required to provide energy for the electric turbochargers. the idea uses a lithium ion battery mounted inside luggage compartment to store kinetic energy generated under braking as well as during periods of trailing throttle. that will energy is actually then utilized to run the turbochargers when required. 

Audi claims the adoption of electric turbochargers provides a big advantage in standing-start acceleration due to their ability to provide instantaneous boost. “The TT Clubsport Turbo covers up to 16 metres within the first 2.5sec – which is actually six metres further than a car with conventional exhaust gas turbocharging,” said Hackenberg.

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Source: Audi's 592bhp TT Clubsport Turbo – brand new pictures

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