Audi to race in Formula E as a factory team

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Source : Audi to race in Formula E as a factory team

Audi to race in Formula E Audi increasing its involvement in Formula E, which will help its production of electric vehicles inside the future


Audi ‘s involvement in Formula E can be required to enhance, with the brand become more involved using a team of Formula E ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport.

despite the fact of which Audi has already made its name to the team since 2014, can be right now providing “financial along with also technical support” for the team inside the 2016/2017 season, which begins on October 9 in Hong Kong.

Then, enter the Audi Team ABT Schaeffler will be a commitment to a fully-fledged factory “- on the occasion of the transition process coming from the customer team to Formula E Audi formal effort for the season E 2017/2018 Formula

As a result of This particular step, the vehicle Formula E ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport – of ABT Schaeffler FE02 – along with also right now carry the Audi logo on the sides along with also rear wings. This particular will be a change visible along with also clear on the main spot.

another, more far-reaching change of the brand new partnership will be its impact on the Audi techniques the electric car. the item can be noteworthy of which, along with also recent announcement Jaguar its involvement in Formula E will benefit electric cars inside the future, including SUVs all-electric, along with also the item’s the same story for Audi.

, said Audi Stefan Knirsch, board Member, technical development: “by 2025, we must all be the fourth Audi electric car. the item can be scheduled to be the first product because of This particular to be an SUV along with also we’re going to offer in 2018.

In light of these plans, along with also to adapt to the program of motor sport we have dealt with the commitment inside the electric racing series in full can be only a logical step. “

Head of Audi Motorsport Wolfgang Ullrich, hinted more openly in Formula interest-mail program EV Audi: “the item was Audi constantly using motorsport to test along with also develop brand new techniques for later use inside the production of


with quattro rally racing engine we revolution, along with also then set standards inside the race track, too. right now we intend to repeat the item in an electric race completely. Formula E with races of which are held inside the hearts of major cities can be the perfect platform because of This particular purpose along with also team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport logical partner for us. “

additional major manufacturers ensure inside the racing series all EV can be BMW , Jaguar , Renault , DS along with also giant Indian automobile Mahindra , as well as up-along with also-coming manufacturers EV the way NextEV along with also Faraday future . all of these are either already involved, or of which grabbed headlines with future plans for electric designs.

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Source: Audi to race in Formula E as a factory team

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