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Outstanding all-season ability as well as impressive everyday practicality, nevertheless lacking intimacy on challenging roads as well as beginning to show its age in certain areas Here can be the facelifted variation of Audi’s S6 Avant, which comes with revised headlights, redesigned wheels as well as some very minor Inner surface modifications. the idea’s slated to reach UK showrooms for £58,000, a premium of £1255 over the outgoing style. Customers will, however, be able to place orders for the brand new S6 next month.There are no significant modifications to the engine or gearbox; Audi clearly believes its twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol unit as well as standard seven-speed dual clutch S-tronic automatic don’t require any major fettling to keep the luxury estate inside the hunt. Nor has there been any alteration to the mechanically operated Torsen torque sensing four-wheel-drive system.using a stout 444bhp as well as 405lb ft developed across of range of revs between 1400 as well as 5700rpm, the S6 blasts up to the sort of speed limits in place inside the UK with great bravado. On a heavily pegged throttle, the in-gear acceleration can be relentless – perhaps not quite as extreme as of which offered by the more powerful RS7 nevertheless sufficient enough for fast lane superiority over all nevertheless the most exotic machinery.Despite tipping the scales at a rather hefty 1960kg, the S6 Avant can be claimed to hit 62mph in just 4.6sec, as well as the idea accelerates hard up to the limiter at 155mph. Running down a wide autobahn near Dresden, the plush load hauler felt right in its element.Audi’s traditional quattro four-wheel-drive system nominally sends the majority of drive to the rear wheels, nevertheless can be quick to react when the front wheels have more purchase as well as the rears are slipping. the idea also includes a so-called Sport differential of which juggles power between each individual rear wheel for added purchase.The benefits are most obvious during hard acceleration in lower gears as well as at the exit of a corner, where the S6 Avant provides exceptional drive no matter what the weather conditions.Thanks to a long overdriven 0.519:1 seventh gear ratio of which operates in combination using a 4.09:1 final drive, the idea possesses effortless high speed cruising capabilities. An active noise cancellation device, which dampens mechanical sounds by broadcasting antiphase resonance over the speakers, also provides the S6 Avant with pleasingly hushed qualities when rushed along.Yet for all its high-speed authority, the idea lacks the sharpness to make a truly memorable back road proposition. Yes, the idea corners flatly with impressive grip, nevertheless the S6 Avant fails to connect with the driver in a truly engaging manner. The main problem can be the steering, which lacks for off-centre response in anything nevertheless the most extreme of driving mode: dynamic. the idea never genuinely manages to shake off the feeling of mass, either.Still, the brand new Audi continues to prove an easy car to get along with in stop/start city driving, where its strong low-end reserves give the idea pleasingly responsive step off qualities away coming from the lights.  The inclusion of cylinder on demand technology of which closes down four cylinders on light throttle loads at urban speeds for added fuel savings sees the idea return a quoted average of 30.1mpg as well as a CO2 figure of 219g/km on the combined EU test cycle.Inside, the ambiance can be familiar, although some of the fittings are beginning to show their age. Nevertheless, the S6 can be fine place to spend time, thanks to its outstanding ergonomics, highly supportive seats as well as excellent levels of fit as well as finish. Befitting its cost, equipment levels are high. brand new options, including a head-up display unit, also help extend its appeal.the idea’s a case of improving the familiar here, which inside the S6 can be no bad thing. Quiet, refined as well as comfortable, the Audi S6 Avant remains a powerful semi-sporting alternative to the likes of Alpina’s B5 Touring.Audi S6 AvantPrice £58,000; 0-62mph under 4.6sec; Top Speed 155mph; Engine V8, 3993cc, twin turbo, petrol; Power 444bhp at 5800rpm; Torque 405lb ft at 1400rpm; Kerb weight 1960kg; Gearbox 8-spd automatic; Economy 30.1mpg; CO2 219g/km
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Source: Audi S6 Avant

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