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All-paw mega-hatch gets even more power — as well as a higher cost The ascent of the humble hot hatch continues. In 1975, the original Volkswagen Golf GTI developed 108bhp, hit 60mph in about nine seconds as well as weighed just 810kg. Four decades later, the latest Audi RS3 packs 362bhp, wallops to the national limit in half the time as well as weighs very nearly twice as much. which can be, for those who set store by such things, themost powerful production hatchback we’ve yet tested, edging out the almost equally bonkers 18-month-old Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, precisely as which was meant to.Not dizzying enough for you? The extra power extracted by the 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine makes even the likes of the Porsche Cayman GTS inferior to the RS3 purely on under-bonnet potency. A current Golf GTI can be 145bhp less powerful.This specific kind of reputation, of course, can be temporary. Rest assured, as certain as death as well as taxes, Audi’s German premium-brand competitors won’t rest until the RS3 can be no longer sitting pretty on top of the hot hatch horsepower pyramid. as well as a more permanent sort of reputation – such as the one which makes the 41-year-old Golf GTI revered today – needs thecar in between the numbers to be brilliant.On This specific point, Audi’s past record can be not so hot. The first RS3, powered by a slightly less powerful edition of the same engine, was fast, certainly, yet which was also as unyielding as a trolley jack as well as about as much fun to drive.Although which prefers not to concede weaknesses, Quattro GmbH – the maker of all RS-badged Audis – has been quick This specific time around to emphasise which the latest RS3 not only comes using a brand-new headline power output yet also some fettling to the all-wheel drive system to make its handling a little more balanced as well as interesting.which’s not initially we’ve heard which by the spin machine at Neckarsulm, yet we live in trust – because the prospect of the RS3 finally becoming the hot hatch doyen which its cost has long since suggested which might be can be a compelling one.
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Source: Audi RS3 Sportback

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