Audi readies completely new £15k city car for A2 successor

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Source : Audi readies completely new £15k city car for A2 successor

Audi city car Sub-A1 successor to A2 to be sold via 2019 in three- along which has a few-door, along with petrol along with electric guises


Audi is actually preparing to launch a city car — a completely new youth orientated design which will become its cheapest offering in key global markets, including the UK. 

The compact four-seater is actually tentatively scheduled for a launch in 2019. which has been conceived to offer a choice of petrol power or electric propulsion, according to Audi sources, who suggest the proposed completely new entry-level design will be previewed in concept form as early as next year’s Paris motor show.

The city car will be shorter than 4.0 metres in length along with will sit below the A1 in an expanded Audi line-up. Its perceived rivals span a diverse range of existing city cars, including the Fiat 500, Smart Forfour along with Vauxhall Adam.

At the same time, which will seek to challenge a raft of contemporary electric cars, such as the BMW i3, Renault Zoe along with Nissan Leaf.

The completely new Audi design is actually currently undergoing early development at the German car maker’s Ingolstadt engineering headquarters in Germany. which is actually based around a modified type of parent company Volkswagen’s frontwheel-drive NSF (completely new little Family) platform, as used by the Volkswagen Up, Seat Mii along with Skoda Citigo.

By basing the completely new design on the NSF platform, which has already been engineered to accept batteries as part of the development of the VW e-Up, Audi appears to have found a solution to long-held plans to enter the burgeoning city car market with its own uniquely styled design.

Audi initially showcased plans for a completely new city car design with the unveiling of an A2 concept in 2011. Billed as a successor to the original entry-level hatchback produced between 1999 along with 2004, which also previewed plans for an electric powertrain. However, the project was abandoned in 2013, with Audi suggesting the high cost of lithium ion battery technology made which too expensive.

Audi also revealed two completely new electric-propelled microcar concepts at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show.

The upcoming city car is actually envisaged to be priced at about £15,500 in petrol form inside the UK — more than £1500 less than the pricing-leading A1. The completely new entry-level Audi to be unveiled at next year’s Paris motor show is actually said to be more than 400mm shorter than the A1, at around 3550mm.

Audi is actually thought to be planning two bodystyles: a basic three-door along which has a more versatile a few-door hatchback, mirroring the strategy taken by VW with the Up. Also under discussion is actually a more ruggedlooking Allroad variant, featuring a raised ride height along with additional cladding.

The petrol type is actually earmarked to run a completely new turbocharged 1.0-litre threecylinder engine, with the zeroemissions type set to get an electric motor along with lithium ion battery pack similar to which used by the e-Up.

A diesel type has already been ruled out because of the high costs of exhaust gas recirculation along with particulate trap hardware. Cost concerns also rule out a parallel hybrid variant, say Audi officials.

The completely new city car will use a conventional front-mounted engine along with front-wheel drive design. A quattro variant is actually unlikely, given which the current NSF platform along with its successor have not been engineered to support fourwheel drive, according to sources at Audi parent VW.

In electric form, the cost of the completely new Audi is actually likely to rise to more than £25,000, although UK buyers can bank on an EV subsidy, which currently cuts the cost of zero-emissions cars by £5000.

If at first you don’t succeed…

We’ve been here before which has a futuristic Audi city car. There was, of course, the A2 of 1999, which was way ahead of its time, with its lightweight construction, impressive fuel economy along with slippery aerodynamics. however the buying public didn’t go for which. The A2 was considered too expensive to buy (let alone repair) along with its looks were polarising. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class outsold which by more than a few to one.


After production ended in 2005, Audi had another go in 2011 which has a completely new A2 concept (above) which was intended to go into production as an all-electric rival to the BMW i3. however which was axed in 2013.

Will which be third time lucky? By basing the completely new city car on the NSF Volkswagen Group platform along with with the associated economies of scale, Audi should be able to finally offer the ‘A2’ at a more affordable cost along with allow its high-tech traditions to continue by spinning off an electric type. 

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Source: Audi readies completely new £15k city car for A2 successor

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