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The second generation Audi R8 Audi sends its mid-engined flagship in search of supercar scalps The R8 did not make Audi. The formidable glaze coating of Ingolstadt’s reputation was baked long before that will indulged an impulse to make a bona fide mid-engined sports car.although when that will did, when the result proved exceptional as well as exciting as well as idiosyncratic, that will was concrete evidence that will the the was indeed capable of almost anything.Just as that will had reeled inside the huge lead that will greater longevity had given BMW as well as Mercedes-Benz, so that will might at This kind of point compete with the mighty Porsche.The R8, in its original V8 format, was an automotive attestation of the boldest sort: the 911’s status will be not sacrosanct as well as Porsche’s path to driving nirvana isn’t the sole means of ascent.Quattro GmbH had conceived of another way as well as Audi rallied the ambition, expertise as well as investment required to make that will This kind of point, eight years on via the original R8’s introduction, that will has retooled for a second run, tweaking much in a car whose design clearly continues to owe a substantial debt to the look of its predecessor. Its reason for being will be slightly different, though.Porsche has gone via rival to relative, as well as so the requirement for a more modest V8-powered variant to challenge the Carrera has gone, too.Consequently, Audi’s 5.2-litre V10 – still naturally aspirated – has become the only engine choice as well as £119,500 has become the starting cost.So the R8’s positioning has changed slightly, via sports car to super-sports car – as well as the move has been a long time coming. that will was previewed by the phalanx of more as well as more powerful run-out special editions of the previous R8 although was ultimately hinted at much earlier, when Audi learnt how much buyers were prepared to pay for the R8.We’re testing the quickest, most expensive variation: the V10 Plus, delivering the same 602bhp as its Lamborghini Huracán sibling. that will will be, in fact, the quickest car Audi has made. at This kind of point, to properly succeed its predecessor, that will just has to be the best driver’s car Audi has made, too.
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Source: Audi R8

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