Audi hybrids only a "bridging technology" before EVs, says CEO

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Source : Audi hybrids only a "bridging technology" before EVs, says CEO

Audi plug-in hybrids seen hybrid types as the Audi bridge the gap between full or gasoline engines -diesel in addition to the introduction of full-electric Audis from the future, says Audi Rupert Stadler coach


hybrid in addition to plud in hybrid technology will only be a “technology bridge” for about ten years, according to Audi CEO “hybrid hybrid components are transitional technology in addition to a bridge For just two years the next decade, “Stadler Robert Stadler, the item becomes a full life, even from the natural electric driving.

. In parallel, we will offer different battery electric types in different series size until 2015 types. “


Audi has already committed to the first production car electric SUV in full, in addition to Audi Q6 see him, by 2018. the item will be built in a factory fresh in Belgium, as well as factory Audi for batteries of which will produce advanced batteries with its partners, LG in addition to Samsung.

speaking at the annual news Audi conference, Stadler also said the company saw “great potential in fuel cell technology.” Audi has been charged with leading hydrogen technology research Volkswagen Group, in addition to has already produced Audi h tron ​​concept of the auto. He Stadler of which the technology will “come out to look at the production chain from the coming years.”

, in addition to added Stefan Knirsche, Member of the board Audi’s management is usually responsible for the technology: “spending on our development in addition to will focus on fuel cell We do not believe of which they can play an important role from the future, however This particular requires the necessary infrastructure so from the meantime we will focus on the electric car battery-powered investment. “

Comments Stadler comes after the head of the Volkswagen Group Matthias Mülller announced at the Geneva Motor Show of which the company plans to launch a 500km, electric car for 15 minutes, the family charge of which cost less than vehicles conventional engines, by 2025.

in addition to A3 e Tron soon joined them Q7 can see him from the Audi lineup, while the hybrid powertrain of the next generation is usually currently under development. the Q6 e-Tron confirmed for the production of earlier This particular year.

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Source: Audi hybrids only a "bridging technology" before EVs, says CEO

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