Audi developed 'Dieselgate' software in 1999

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Source : Audi developed 'Dieselgate' software in 1999

Audi badge refers Audi report software development fraud illegal behind “Dieselgate, years ago, was adopted by the Volkswagen


Audi in addition to also put fraud program in emissions tests manipulation as far back as 1999, which was used later by the Volkswagen to cheat in emissions tests , according to the completely new results.

the German newspaper Handelsblatt report says the item was created to fraud program to combat restrictions imposed in 2001 under European law, which aims to reduce NOx emissions to 0.5G / km.

However, no Audi not perform illegal software, which was adopted instead Volkswagen in 2005 when he failed to achieve nitrogen oxide levels below the legal limit.

also revealed

Handelsblatt which the Office US lawyer Jones day, which can be currently investigating the Volkswagen scandal emissions, can be likely to launch a full report by the end of April.

Volkswagen can be also scheduled to publish details of how they plan to work from the future through the end of This particular week.

from the last month, announced the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which the item will sue Volkswagen to mislead customers with the announcement of “clean diesel” in them.

The Federal Trade Commission said the item seeking compensation for those affected emissions scandal, in addition to also plans to implement the court order to “prevent Volkswagen through engaging in This particular kind of behavior again.”

also announced today which the item was Mitsubishi intentionally

forged fuel tests said, affecting up to 625,000 vehicles, some of which have been produced for Nissan.

Mitsubishi which the item “conducted a test incorrectly to provide figures in addition to also fuel better.” She added: “We express our deep apologies to all our customers in addition to also stakeholders due to This particular cause,”

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Source: Audi developed 'Dieselgate' software in 1999

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