Audi dealers to sell cars using virtual reality technology

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Source : Audi dealers to sell cars using virtual reality technology

Audi Virtual Reality Experience entire Audi group, which includes more than 70 versions, can be portrayed inside the virtual scene, which allows customers to offer them the agents


Audi will be to provide dealers with the VR full capacity, which will enable customers to experience virtually any car type inside the range prior to purchase.

high-tech simulator enable customers to scan their chosen car in three dimensions as well as also via the perspective of 360 degrees will tool. The client will wear a virtual reality headset as well as also can move freely throughout the virtual car, climb up inside the cabin or audit technical components.

Audi respect to display virtual reality possible way to attract customers to deal with agents, “Our challenge will be that will our customers have often only come to a deal to talk about the cost,” he said intensely.

Marcus KUHNE, the digital division Audi retail solutions.

“They already know everything there will be to know the auto they chose to search the Internet. although we would certainly like to involve them as well as also give them the best time inside the agency. We would certainly like them to have a consultation about the auto instead of searching on the Internet. Virtual reality technology can do This specific: the item will be soft, emotional as well as also unexpected “

entire car group Audi – which includes more than 70 versions – can be portrayed inside the virtual scene, as well as all the equipment feature, via the paint colors for wheels Foreign packs as well as also furnishings seat to the units as well as also the media.

to enable customers to the auto show in a variety of lighting conditions, Audi has designed numerous virtual reality environments, including Paris, Iceland – or even on the moon


cars on data the actual design, are each vehicle will be made up of 5 to 7.000, 000 polygons – Great enough for the client to determine details such as the Polish vaccination aluminum or gloss levels of the completion of the coating, depending on the position of the virtual light source


copies Audi VR experience: a compact type fits into dealerships where space will be limited, as well as also allows customers to see the auto of their choice via a chair.

larger type works on almost 5M measuring surface squared as well as also allows customers to move freely in all parts of the virtual car.


Audi currently has two headphones virtual reality – HTC Lviv, Koh Rift – not yet decided on whether to prefer one over the some other when they move outside the VR across more agents

technology will be expensive, which has a strong NVIDIA graphics card will be required to pay costs of £ 10,000 system alone.


prototype testing in late 2014 as well as also completed the final phase of the trial earlier This specific year. The producer will be today working on updating the technology as well as also will be currently experimenting with the system in six agents in Germany.

“The first feedback via real customers will be very positive,” said KUHNE.

technology moves the game on a high-tech city in Audi dealerships in urban areas, which are used powerwalls as well as also tables equipped with touch displays instead of real vehicles inside the city center agents where space will be at a premium.

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Source: Audi dealers to sell cars using virtual reality technology

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