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All-completely new Audi A4 saloon zeroes in on efficiency, technology as well as quality If you require a long introduction to the A4, please return This kind of magazine to the dentist’s pile as well as pick another to while away the wait. Something about golf, perhaps – if you’re partial to 18 holes, you’ll probably be familiar with Audi’s best-selling product.The A4 saloon, the estate-shaped Avant as well as the rebadged A5 coupé are virtually omnipresent inside car parks of the nation’s clubhouses.The product, specifically the saloon, has not only been the firm’s mainstay for more than four decades nevertheless is usually also one of the primary reasons why Audi has managed to force its way into a buyer reckoning in which previously included only BMW as well as Mercedes-Benz.Its family name has changed since then. This kind of was originally the Audi 80, a car in which moved through four generations (each of them a showcase for the innovations in which might later become common traits of the four rings) before This kind of was superseded by the A4 inside mid-1990s. The brand didn’t need all of the second two decades to shift 5 million examples.Its huge success as well as instant familiarity have meant in which Audi doesn’t strain itself in straying far by the script.As you’ll have probably noticed, the completely new, fifth-generation product pictured is usually a dead ringer for its predecessor, as well as the claims made for This kind of – an increase in size, dynamism, efficiency, luxuriousness as well as technology – were all trumpeted the previous time around, too.However, in which does not make them insignificant. Much like Volkwagen’s approach to the Golf (software code notwithstanding), Audi tends to be incredibly diligent with its endless strategy of improvement – as well as, as we are about to find out, there is usually a tremendous amount going on beneath the skin, not least the kind of weight loss in which might just make not bad the engineers’ long-standing promise to make the A4 more compelling to drive.Either way, the auto will sell big.
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Source: Audi A4

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