Audi A4 long-term test review: first report

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Source : Audi A4 long-term test review: first report

Audi A4 Audi A4 boasts excellent cabin, although which was clear within the way the test can be vital; the pros outweigh the negatives over time?


strange can be not which, how to put on the market the German executive saloon, own little cliques? If you want a car driver, you can choose BMW 3 series . Inner surface smarter, as well as go to Audi A4 . as well as Mercedes-Benz C-Class flutters between the two countries, depending on the generation.

until we start touring for six months of duty with the latest Audi A4, which can be fair to say which our expectations are set very well. We have through the A4 – A4 test for quite see here, in fact – as well as he got a solid four stars, without ever feel like which rewrites the rule book on the dynamics. “We’ve traded the center of government to solve well for the majority of A4 owners,” concluded our way test, before adding: “What can be disappointing can be which your vehicle can be not more prepared, involving nothing within the leadership.” Ouch


which A4 of which analysis appeared bruised rather than enthusiastic adoption of its’ leaves with the four stars can be a testament to the strength of the rest of the package right now. Strongest point, as well as the right to the message, the cabin, which was built superbly as well as ended beautifully uncluttered as well as to the degree of sophistication. although we were also impressed by the concerned engineering – not least compatible EU6 which has 187bhp as well as emits 113g / km of CO2 having a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox engine

as well as we’re going to be better off as well as the worst of the A4 to the test experience, because our car can be an example Laden exactly which as much of the available technology displays as much as possible, at a cost somewhat watering eye. The mechanical line-up aside, which’s within the S trim line, which combines sports suspension (not so great), as well as climate control threezone (better) headlamps as well as LED tail lamps (Jury out).

our car as well as then carries a kind of menu options which Audi likes to apply to many of the vehicles its press – which means they are comprehensive. There are a combination of black leather as well as Alcantara on the seats (£ 450) as well as the front head restraints variable (£ 125). although these are just appetizers for the real meat of the options menu, which comes through the packages.

carries a vision for our car package (headup display screen 12.0in Nati Audi which replaces the traditional tools), as well as the storage package (stay calm: which’s the storage network, cupholder rear bag hook within the boot). The package driver assistance (Adaptive Cruise Control as well as collision avoidance system)

Best of all, though, which has the package, which combines 8.3in widescreen display within the center of the dashboard for system information as well as entertainment MMI Audi, high-resolution Google Maps Navigation Technology , on-board audio storage, more system controls on the steering wheel as well as the “phone box” includes inductive charging for smartphones. No one can say which our car you want of the means of comfort, even if which’s the combination of sporty suspension as well as 19in rims risk undo which through the ride quality as well as road noise.

These packages do not come cheap, though. Technology alone package weighs in at £ 1450. which time we hold the final specifications for your vehicle comes through the whirring Audi component, as well as its cost can be a whisker shy of £ 40K. Even for a car which would likely likely be chosen for a company car, which can be a huge number. You can have a well-equipped BMW 520D or V6 diesel Jaguar XF for the same money, in fact.

In fact, within the long term we are lining up one of A4S diesel six-cylinder which seem to offer bargain car tax rates the company with smoother performance as well as stronger. More importantly, we will spec which ourselves, so there can be trust which which can cost almost the same while offering more cosseting experience as well as better performance than done.

although which seems appropriate, at which stage, to deliver which fully loaded four-cylinder A4 saloon for a man who has seen a whole series of its predecessors, Great as well as bad, as well as the efficiency with which a driver can be keen can be beyond question. Even within the time you read which, the Audi was optional 19in rims you see here exchanged elements 18in standard as well as then been sent west to the driveway as well as one Andrew Frankel. We can only trust so, too. Six months with him can make road test Autocar look just like a blast down the highway.

John McIlroy

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 190 S line S tronic

cost £ 34030 cost as tested £ 39030 Options £ pack 1450 Technology, driver assistance package £ 1400, vision £ 1150 package, made of black leather as well as Alcantara seats £ 450, storage £ package 175, the top of the seat variable front armrests £ 125 Economics 44.8mpg errors can be not a expenses can be not a

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Source: Audi A4 long-term test review: first report

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