Audi A4 Allroad introduces brand-new quattro Ultra four-wheel-drive

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Source : Audi A4 Allroad introduces brand-new quattro Ultra four-wheel-drive

Audi A4 Allroad crossover for sale within the UK coming from April with the brand-new Quattro 4WD system, which is usually lighter than the current 4KG provide


Audi is usually the latest Quattro Ultra brought four-wheel drive for the UK market system in April with A4 so Allroad , before the system is usually returned within the different designs within the coming months.

intersection is usually the first right hand drive within the latest Audi style feature, which is usually described as an engineered reform a major part of a brand-new philosophy for the use of technology, “predict” to curb car maker fuel consumption. The designs with the 248bhp 2.0 TFSI Audi engine is usually the prime mover of the adoption of brand-new technology; sales begin in April, expect the first deliveries in June of which year.

Read about when we Ultra Quattro system samples the brand-new Audi for once

is usually based on the modified car set up on the original quattro system which uses mounted longitudinally engines . Audi engineers along with also also installation of clutch-mail to the rear of the gearbox to allow the engine to the rear wheels to be disengaged in fractions of a second. In order to further reduce drag, the installation of the second electronic clutch to the rear differential, allowing the rear wheels spin freely when pulled, rather than turning the prop shaft along with also also causing mechanical drag along with also also increase fuel consumption along with also also therefore.

Audi claims which transmission Ultra brand-new Quattro will save an average of about 4mpg compared with Quattro setup is usually working on a permanent basis today. which is usually also 4KG lighter than the current system.

says Audi Quattro Ultra monitoring system is usually “a network with quite a few different controllers.” Every 10 milliseconds, the controller “acquires along with also also analyzes a wide range of data, including the steering angle, acceleration along with also also engine torque levels along with also also longitudinal side” Quattro, among many different things.

along with also also can, for example, calculate the point at which the front tire approaching the limit of grip along with also also within 0.5sec activate four-wheel drive system. Quattro Ultra also uses the information coming from electronic stability control the automobile along with also also driving style of the individual. which takes into account until the outside temperature along with also also the local climatic conditions.

The brand-new Ultra system offers the driver to adjust the command is usually different coming from the four-wheel drive system. Auto mode allows the automobile management systems to decide when along with also also where to activate four-wheel drive. In dynamic mode, which is usually sending more power to the rear wheels “more quickly.”

after A4 so Allroad brand-new Quattro, along with also also then the system is usually returned to exit all Audis longitudinally engines which are equipped with either a manual or will be offered S Tronic dual-clutch gearbox.The automatic Quattro designs higher powered with torque converter rotation automated permanent along with also also traditional SUVs.


Audi built about seven million cars equipped with quattro longitudinally mounted transfer, which made its debut on the iconic 1980 Ur-Quattro Coupe.

, including designs with quattro system of part-time used Audis engines offer, along with also also more than 40% of all Audi designs sold in 2015 was for the All Wheel Drive. The best-selling all-wheel-drive was the Audi Q5 SUV, with 210,000 units sold.

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Source: Audi A4 Allroad introduces brand-new quattro Ultra four-wheel-drive

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