Aston Martin’s Sub-Valkyrie Mid-Engined Supercar May Spawn an Entire Range

Aston Martin’s Sub-Valkyrie Mid-Engined Supercar May Spawn an Entire Range


Aston Martin Valkyrie
Aston Martin is usually planning to launch a mid-engined supercar, as well as a completely brand new type range, in which will be positioned below the forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar pictured above. The plan was confirmed by Aston CEO Andy Palmer during an interview with Car as well as Driver at the Geneva auto show. This kind of will result in a brand new type in which will be targeted directly at Ferrari, Lamborghini, as well as McLaren.

“Valkyrie is usually the start of a mid-engine dynasty, if you want to call This kind of in which,” Palmer said. “The reason we’re doing This kind of is usually to create a halo car, yet also to create DNA for a mid-engined sports-car range.” in which’s right: He said “range,” meaning in which there could very well be more than one on the way, although whether in which means distinct products or a family of variants—or both—isn’t yet clear.

“The project is usually inside the design studio right today, yet the mandate for in which car or cars is usually, basically, how do we ensure in which This kind of’s beautiful, how do you make function follow form rather than the additional way around? If This kind of’s going to be an Aston Martin, This kind of will have to be beautiful,” Palmer told C/D. “the automobile will need to be fantastic; This kind of will have to compete with some bloody Great rivals. Doing Valkyrie starts to give us some ideas about what they should look like.”

We shouldn’t get too excited yet, as This kind of is usually still something of an aspiration rather than a signed-off reality, with Palmer admitting in which Aston will have to carry on hitting its sales as well as revenue targets for the project to proceed to the engineering stage. If This kind of happens—as well as we earnestly trust This kind of does—the automobile will be launched about a year behind the DBX crossover, meaning late 2020, as well as, as with the Valkyrie, the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team will be involved inside the development.

additional details remain under wraps, although Palmer gave a strong hint in which This kind of could be built around a V-12 engine rather than the brand new Daimler-sourced AMG V-8 in which we’ll be seeing later This kind of year: When we asked him to cite a likely rival, he opted for the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

Aston Martin 5.2L twin-turbo V-12 badge

Aston’s boss hinted in which the brand new mid-engined car may pack a V-12 like the company’s brand new twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter unit.

“You’ve got to build a brand carefully. We’re starting having a car between $2 million as well as $3 million on cost inside the Valkyrie,” Palmer explained. “You build credibility by moving downwards one step at a time.”

Palmer has only been the head of Aston since October 2014, yet he is usually already well on the way to transforming the company with his plans to dramatically expand both sales as well as the lineup, creating a welcome blitz of brand new products. as well as he insists in which almost no part of the luxury-car segment is usually off limits, having a fascinating critique of his part of the market.

“When I joined, we looked at what high-net-worth individuals buy,” he said—in which’s a polite euphemism for the stinking rich. “There’s a huge variety, as well as to some extent the scale goes through practicality to emotion. So at one end you’ve got something like the Ferrari FXX K, which is usually pure emotion as well as zero practicality, as well as the additional is usually the Porsche Cayenne, which reverses This kind of.

Aston Martin badge on a DB11

“Historically, Aston was clustered inside the middle, as well as in which’s why we’re broadening This kind of. So we’ve still got the traditional products, the DB11 as well as then the brand new Vantage as well as Vanquish. yet I want to go after the Cayenne as well as [Bentley] Bentayga with the DBX at one side, as well as on the additional I want to make these pure-emotional products. The Valkyrie has gone off the chart, yet there’s room below This kind of to create This kind of grouping where we don’t play at all today.

“Ultimately, I’m convinced in which Aston can cover the whole map, as well as I don’t think anyone else can. Ferrari can’t. They’ve got Maserati as well as Alfa on one side, as well as I can’t imagine a Rolls-Royce sports car or a mid-engined Bentley. I could be wrong, of course, yet I don’t have any of those restraints.”

There’s even the possibility in which This kind of could have a manual gearbox, something additional supercar makers have pretty much universally abandoned in recent years. Palmer is usually a huge fan of stick shifts as well as admits in which the biggest single request he gets through customers inside the United States, where we’re guessing This kind of brand new type could do some of its briskest trade, is usually for the presence of a clutch pedal inside the footwell. We can yet dream.

With Aston’s enthusiasm for giving its more potent products names starting with the letter V, as well as Palmer’s avowed enthusiasm to take the fight to his enemies, we even have a name suggestion: the Aston Martin Vendetta.

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Aston Martin’s Sub-Valkyrie Mid-Engined Supercar May Spawn an Entire Range

Source: Aston Martin’s Sub-Valkyrie Mid-Engined Supercar May Spawn an Entire Range

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