Aston Martin Vulcan owners begin track tuition

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Source : Aston Martin Vulcan owners begin track tuition

Aston Martin Vulcan driver tuition Buyers of the Aston Martin Vulcan have received their first round of track tuition in Abu Dhabi.


The first six Aston Martin Vulcan owners have received Aston Martin tuition on how to best drive their Vulcans on track.

Owners of the £1.8 million track-only Aston Martin hypercar were flown to Abu Dhabi by across the globe to undertake a three-day track guidance in addition to tuition course by a team of racing drivers, under the leadership of Aston Martin Racing works driver Darren Turner.

Before the drivers were let loose in their Vulcans, training was given in an Aston Martin V12 Vantage S road car in addition to Vantage GT4 race car. The drivers were then taken to the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 track in addition to given guidance by the passenger seat by one of the Aston Martin team.

Daytime in addition to night-time circuit driving was given during the three-day course, to ensure that will the owners got a full range of track experience in addition to to get the drivers accustomed to the full range of driving conditions should they choose to race after dark.

The owners could then drive their Vulcans on-track at their discretion – the very first time they had been behind the wheel of their cars

The course was the first of six offered to each Vulcan owner across a three-year period. Aston Martin described the drivers as “absolutely delighted” with their Vulcans, in addition to are anticipating their next all 5 bouts of tuition. 

Aston Martin organized the package to give the 24 Vulcan owners experience of driving their car before drivingthe 200mph-plus, 820bhp track-only hypercar of their own accord. 

The remaining 18 drivers will also undertake their six courses of tuition over the next three years. 

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Source: Aston Martin Vulcan owners begin track tuition

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