Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 special edition launched

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Source : Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 special edition launched

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 Cambridge sale as well as offering 80 products to celebrate the anniversary of the iconic World War 2 fighter


as well as a special edition of Aston Martin V12 Vantage S has been launched nervous 80 to celebrate 80 years since the first take Supermarine nervous World war 2 fighter to heaven.

sold exclusively in Aston as well as created by Q customization service car maker, will build a Martin Cambridge just 80 examples of the nervous product priced at £ 180,000 each.

to signify the 80th anniversary of the most famous British fighter jet, all the credit nervous S will feature 80 components made by the company to regain aircraft in Duxford. These tips include exhaust ended in “bloom” rainbow effect to fit the nervous exhausts as well as aluminum bar from the cabin as well as in which’s what inspired two rear strut as well as nervous.

also added to the auto can be the publisher satin carbon rear wing front, shade-coded slots engine sterling solid silver as well as the pound Aston Martin lid wings badges are designed Old English White inlay.Customers can also be serial number nervous lacquered side strakes to their own car.


cars from the special shade been green, with yellow pinstripes along the sides as well as bootlid to mimic the appearance of Sptifire.

inside, as well as embroidered logo’alasba 80 ‘in black on head restraints, are made mats with leather saddle as well as sheepskin in honor of Irvin flying jackets, door inserts as well as pulls to get nervous-inspired red belt as well as embroidered airbag cover with identification code unique aircraft of its kind.

Buyers can also add accessories to purchase, including special nervous jacket 80 Irvine helmet as well as goggles fly. In addition, there are the hood under the title, embossed owner owners as well as leather photo album for detailed delivery for each client.

as well as deliver the same can be happening at the air show at the Imperial War Museum as well as included the killing on October 18, with the talk of the nervous veteran pilot. The owners get to drive their cars along the runway been nervous before watching the MK1 from the presentation of the demonstration.

did not make any technical adjustments from the auto, so all nervous 80S comes with the same 565bhp 5.9-liter V12 engine as the regular V12 Vantage S performance also remains the same, which has a dash 0-62mph taking 3.9sec as well as a top speed as 205mph inbox.

However, £ 180,000 starting cost nervous 80 can be £ 39,505 more than regular V12 Vantage S, although because of its importance to the product as well as rare, can be likely to cut off all the examples from the next 80 weeks.

for each car sold, says Aston Martin Cambridge will donate the Royal Air Force’s charity care, charity fund RAF

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Source: Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 special edition launched

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