Aston Martin DB9 production ends

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Aston Martin DB9 Last of Nine was built nine final examples of Aston, Äôs-old 13-year-old grand tourer. DB11’s production begins next month


for the production of Aston Martin DB9 has ended after 13 years, paving the way for examples of the first customers of its successor, DB11 , to be built.

Aston Martin tweeted image of the past nine DB9s, showing them at the end of the production line Gaydon wear badges marking all of them for which, Äòlast of nine, Äô. The completion of the cars by the Ministry of customization brand, Äôs Q.

built in Gaydon since its inception in 2003, the DB9 every completely new product which helped spawn the foundations for the following DBS , defeat in addition to Rapid . expected a similar trend with DB11 , however Aston claims which This specific structure car, Äôs can be more versatile, which refers to both a future product could be significantly different, although the foundations shared between them.

DB11 production of engine in addition to completely new dual-turbocharged V12 will begin next month. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer pledged personally to lose first car in 1000, with each earning panel to signify his approval. Acquired automotive pre-production already such badges, as shown below.

are supposed to arrive shortly before the Christmas holiday

first customers of the DB11 delivery.

forward the arrival of DB11, you can take a look at what can be arguably Aston Martin, Äôs most successful product, the DB9, in some content archive below:

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Source: Aston Martin DB9 production ends

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