Aston Martin DB11 technology to influence future products

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Source : Aston Martin DB11 technology to influence future products

coming cars such as the Aston Martin Vantage in addition to features, such as architecture, the display on the DB11


future Aston Martin like the next credit will reap the benefits of the brand-new technology introduced to the recently unveiled DB11.

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key to This particular brand-new structure can be bonded aluminum on which the DB11. For an alternative to the venerable VH structure, This particular has been designing a brand-new structure to be adapted to the dimensions of the different axes.


Aston between the companies first car to adopt the spirit of the normative foundations for a style when he made VH in 2000, in addition to Aston, director of product development, Ian Minards, believes the brand-new structure goes far beyond what can be expected of units of traditional architecture .

2017 Aston Martin Vantage leads Aston brand-new style blitz

“We are still using the same module design principles, using the knowledge in addition to techniques have evolved over the past two decades, however currently we moved to a different level as a whole, he said, “Autocar late last year.

in addition to DB11 can be the toughest in addition to lightest car was built Aston, This particular can be reasonable to expect the next credit in addition to subsequent products feature similar improvements to the current term, which should bode well for the handling in addition to performance.

ushers in addition to DB11 also inside the rear suspension of the brand-new creation which “you should be able over the next generation of cars,” according to Minards.

“This particular needs to provide in addition to we enhance the performance of our cars in addition to when we look at the wheels in addition to tires of different groups,” he said.

“We know which architecture VH has suspended a wonderful system, however we also know the borders. We have grown with This particular through the years, for example, 19in wheel V8 Vantage to the 20in wheel Rapid, however where we want to take This particular range of cars inside the future, we need a brand-new suspension system. “

DB11’s another change which will filter through the group can be the switch by hydraulic to electric steering powerassisted (EPAS).

“Working with our technical partners, I am confident which we possess the EPAS system can be what can be very damned Great, because we can not afford to lose any of This particular feeling of agility or touch,” said Minards.

He added which the system can be used to follow up briefly president Andy Palmer of giving each brand-new style Aston figure much larger than the individuals.

“, which also gives us EPAS can be another degree of freedom to adjust to us, so we can use our algorithms in addition to computer code to change which,”


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Source: Aston Martin DB11 technology to influence future products

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