Aston Martin DB11 revealed: full tech details, prices as well as also exclusive pics

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Source : Aston Martin DB11 revealed: full tech details, prices as well as also exclusive pics

Aston Martin DB11 Geneva sitting replace DB9 Aston on a brand new structure, brand new packs 600bhp twin-turbo V12, covers 0- 62mph in 3.9sec, as well as also hits 200mph as well as also cost £ 154900


brand new Aston Martin DB11, unveiled at the exhibition Geneva , as well as also hailed by its maker as “the most powerful, effective as well as also talented vital DB type” from the company’s history for 103.

first product of the expansion, “second century” Aston, as well as also DB11 plan will be characterized by the engine as well as also the Centeng of the brand new structure, brand new design, enhanced packaging as well as also aerodynamic features derived via motorsport. as well as also, the rear-wheel-drive grand tourer front engines can be ordered at This specific point, priced via £ 154900.

brand new V12 engine

Perhaps the feature exists in This specific important brand new Astons falls within the framework of a one-piece clamshell bonnet. Designed as well as also built in-house by a team by President Powertrain Engineer Brian Fitzsimons led, as well as also the brand new 5204 cc V12 twin turbo unit will be the most powerful yet installed from the vehicle the way DB.

has 600bhp as well as also 516 lb ft outputs DB11 enough to accelerate via zero to 62mph in 3.9sec as well as also a top speed of 200mph. the item’s also the first production series Aston Martin use a twin-turbo. DB11 as well as also you do not have synthesized system to raise engine noise.

brand new engine sends its power to the rear axle of the DB11 as well as also across the ZF eight-speed paddle shift automatic transmission torque converter rotation. Features car gear differential mechanical limited slip with vectoring active torque, the latter being a first for Aston Martin.


Aston official figures did not reveal, however the item aims to improve the efficiency of 20% in fuel consumption as well as also emissions through CO2 emissions Aston Martin DB9 . the item should be about equal to the combined 24mpg as well as also CO2 emissions of about 270G / km economy. The key to that will significant improvement will be a set of technologies, including variable valve timing, as well as also stop as well as also start activating intelligent Bank, which closes six cylinders during periods of light use the throttle.


put Aston engineering team aim to create a Centeng structure that will will be lighter, more powerful as well as also more efficient in space than those on which the predecessor DB11, the DB9. Consumption Using a combination of brand new pressures bonded aluminum, aluminum extrusion, casting as well as also structure “sets a brand new standard for the mass versus rigidity.”

The brand new DB11 will be longer, wider as well as also lower than the DB9 as well as also, from the long 4739mm, 2060mm wide as well as also 1279 mm tall. In addition, the wheels as well as also 65mm longer base, with Aston emphasis on the capabilities of the vehicle as a genuine 2 + 2 grand tourer. Compared with the DB9, the front as well as also rear track width increased by 43mm as well as also 75MM Ually respectively, has been extended to the overall width of 28mm. the item has been reduced jutting front of 16mm as well as also Obinsbh 11MM, having a total length of 50MM gains from the rear burden.

by generating 65mm as well as also the wheelbase longer than that will of the DB9, Aston as well as also was able to download V12 even further from the chassis to improve weight distribution of 51% front as well as also 49% rear. Made via the Centeng panels via a combination of aluminum pressure (the clamshell bonnet as well as also roof as well as also doors), composites (over the shoulders back, front wings as well as also assembly of the separation trunk-to-door) as well as also plastic injection molded (front as well as also rear bumpers, sills, front splitter as well as also rear publisher).


brand new car from the chassis, suspension as well as also steering electronics has been completely reworked under the control of ex-Lotus dealing with teacher Matt Baker, as well as also at This specific point Aston commander car feature engineering. The aim of the Aston giving DB11 wide range of capabilities

Using portable button on the steering wheel, the driver can choose via three vibrant patterns – GT, Sport as well as also Sport Plus – which gradually intensify replies engine, transmission, as well as also electric power steering as well as also vectoring torque by the braking system. Separate button also increases the stability of BILSTEIN dampers adapt.

as well as also DB11 riding on tires as well as also wheels as standard 20in. Bridgestone tires have detailed tread pattern, construction as well as also compound. Electric power-assisted steering to provide greater scope to adjust as well as also improve the fuel efficiency has been included.


as well as also DB11 features two-inspired aerodynamic devices via racing cars Aston as well as also also integrated on the only path Aston Martin Vulcan super.

The first of these, named ‘curlicue, gill-like vent will be integrated into each front wheel arch liner to reduce the front-end aerodynamic lift. the item will be high air pressure vents via the top of each arc front wheels through the rest behind strakes side vents. The additional air extraction of high pressure via the back of each wheel arch through the passenger slots positioned behind the front wheels.

The second feature, which calls for Aston “AeroBlade, tubular high-speed air flow will be used to serve as a virtual spoiler as well as also enhancing rear stability. Are fed intake slots included from the base C- car stilts with air high speed, which then passes into the chassis through the pipe contoured specially pre-venting through the slots from the back surface. This specific jet of high-pressure air disrupted reduces aerodynamic lift, which obviates the need for upswept ‘face’ from the tail to be designed from the rear of the vehicle.

at higher speeds, the spoiler active little automatically deployed via the rear surface, thereby increasing the effectiveness of AeroBlade having a little increase from the clouds.


although the planned brand new design language of Aston Martin DB10 , which was created for the Bond film ghost from the past year, as well as also DB11 will be once appeared on the full production type.

was Create a brand new look by the design of the Aston Martin team by the President-led creative officer Marek Reichman. Of these the most prominent, as well as also the interpretation of the largest bolder of the barrier iconic Aston aluminum pressure, forward, relying clamshell bonnet, Shrinkwrapped not the engine compartment.

LED headlights as well as also tail for all -lights will be another crucial element of the design for DB11. They include daytime running lights as well as also cornering lights low speed for once on the Aston Martin.

as well as also strake roof that will flows in an arc uninterrupted via the A-pillar to the C- column will be to sign another design, the strake side on the wings vehicle, while dating back to last Aston Martin, has been re-planned as well as also at This specific point form part of the vent air curlicue.


, as well as also the cabin will be a combination of identifying the design of Aston Martin, such as a center console that will flows via the dashboard to the transmission tunnel as well as also buttons gearchange familiar, as well as also brand new technology, including some sourced via Daimler. Panel brand new tools, full-coloration TFT screen show 12.0in LCD, therefore, mounted centrally second screen TFT dedicated to the Infotainment 8.0in. The process by the rotary control, as well as also offers an optional touchpad character recognition, multi-touch as well as also gesture support.

DB11 offers greater occupant space as well as also comfort of the DB9 outgoing. Re-structures the A-pillar design as well as also reduce the height as well as also width of the sections mean the threshold of the door openings larger, generating the item easier to enter as well as also exit the vehicle. Benefiting the front passenger seats of the increase in 10mm chairman of the chamber larger than the seat of the movement as well as also the group.

from the meantime, at the rear, via there 54MM increasing the Chairman of the Chamber as well as also earn 87mm leg room, with the aim of generating the rear compartment of the DB11 more usable than that will of the DB9. There will be also more space for luggage, the boot with 270 liters DB11 offering a discount of 20% increase in capacity that will the DB9.

some other brand new features to the DB11 include Keyless / Run Keyless entry, parking control, including parallel as well as also Bay park assist, camera bird’s eye 360deg as well as also column power steering electrically with the function of “up as well as also away” to facilitate entry as well as also exit.

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Source: Aston Martin DB11 revealed: full tech details, prices as well as also exclusive pics

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