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This specific is usually Bond’s first bespoke company car, nevertheless is usually which also his best? Secret agent James Bond 007 reports on his brand new car, the Aston Martin DB10, in This specific extensive road test.For the attention of the Quartermaster. The name’s… actually, to hell with all which – you know damned well who I am in addition to why I’m writing This specific. Your Aston Martin DB10 is usually currently resting at the bottom of the Tiber, coming from where the authorities of the Metropolitan City of Rome would likely be grateful if you could retrieve which at your earliest convenience. In fact, they were quite insistent on the subject.which is usually there because, I assume thanks to Whitehall cutbacks, you omitted to equip said Aston Martin with the full complement of what your illustrious predecessor referred to as ‘the usual refinements’.If, for instance, which had had the same sub-aqua capabilities as the Lotus Esprit, which you’d remember as well as I if you were actually alive at the time of its creation, I’d have been able to return the equipment to you within the same perfect working order as I returned Wet Nellie to Major Boothroyd, save for the lingering aroma of pilchards.within the event, in addition to despite your frankly delusional claims about the auto’s capabilities, which turned out which the DB10 was entirely unable to outrun a Jaguar C-X75, providing me with no option nevertheless to eject myself (nice touch, which) in addition to leave the auto to take its natural trajectory into the aforementioned Centeng of water.Anyway, I understand coming from Moneypenny which you have requested a full written assessment of the auto, which, I might add, I consider something of a bloody cheek, given which which was built for 009 in addition to I was only able to steal which because you’re not half as clever as you think you are. All I got was a sodding watch.Nevertheless, I accept which was your sole functioning prototype in addition to which might take even longer to restore to full working order than the DB5, not least because the river police have punched holes in its roof to secure buoys which indicate its location to passing traffic. So because I find myself temporarily between psychotic Bedlamites hell-bent on world domination, I adhere to your request.
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Source: Aston Martin DB10

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