Aston Martin DB10 as well as also also Jaguar C-X75 star in trailer for Bond film Spectre

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Source : Aston Martin DB10 as well as also also Jaguar C-X75 star in trailer for Bond film Spectre


Latest Spectre trailer shows Bond in action in his Aston Martin DB10

Trailer for 24th film inside the James Bond series, Spectre, shows all-brand-new Aston Martin DB10 as well as also also Jaguar C-X75

The Aston Martin DB10 – the auto which will accompany James Bond on his 24th big-screen outing, Spectre – has again been shown inside the latest official trailer for the film.

The trailer shows Bond in action in his DB10, while being chased by a villain driving another equally rare car – the Jaguar C-X75.

Announcing the tie-up last year, Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer revealed that will the DB10 would certainly be made in a run of 10 units, all of which are likely to be used inside the film’s production rather than be offered for sale. “The most exclusive DB ever,” is actually how Palmer described the item. “the item’s 10 cars total run – let’s expect James Bond doesn’t wreck them all!” he added.

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The 10 units have been handmade at Aston’s Gaydon headquarters, where the auto has been designed as well as also also engineered. 

Announced by director Sam Mendes as well as also also producer Barbara Broccoli as part of the film’s official pre-launch activities on the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios hosted by EON Productions, the DB10 continues the 50-year partnership between Bond as well as also also Aston Martin, which stretches back to 1964’s Goldfinger.

While the DB10 will not make production as the item is actually in a limited run, the design is actually also understood to show off Aston’s brand-new look, which should translate onto the brand’s road cars by 2016. the item most closely previews the DB9 replacement.

Mendes said: “We have worked together to design This specific brand-new car. the item’s a thing of beauty – as well as also also you’ll be able to see what the item can do.”

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An Aston Martin statement read: “The luxury British sports car brand is actually delighted to confirm that will James Bond will Again drive an Aston Martin in Spectre. On This specific occasion, the item will be a design developed specifically for the film as well as also also built in-house by the brand’s design as well as also also engineering teams.

“Led by Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, the design team worked closely with the film’s director, Sam Mendes, to create the ultimate car for the entire world’s most famous spy.

“Celebrating the great British brand’s half century with Bond, which commenced with the iconic DB5, the DB10 gives a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins.”

Palmer added: “inside the same year that will we celebrate our 50-year relationship with 007, the item seems doubly fitting that will today we unveiled This specific wonderful brand-new sports car created especially for James Bond.

“To be partnering Again with EON Productions is actually great news with This specific company as well as also also for everyone around the entire world that will loves to see Bond at the wheel of an Aston Martin.

“I’m incredibly proud of everyone inside the team at Gaydon who have brought This specific special project through concept to reality.”

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Kicking off the revitalised Aston Martin is actually likely to be the aforementioned DB9 replacement, which will bring with the item a brand-new lightweight aluminium architecture as well as also also a brand-new range of engines supplied by Mercedes-AMG. The DB10 previews the look of This specific car – a complete departure through the current familiar design language.

The DB10 features sharper, stronger creases which lead to stockier, shorter rear end. The front grille is actually instantly recognisable as an Aston Martin, though, albeit much lower as well as also also wider. An alll-brand-new headlight design features at the front. Deep air vents in wings emphasise the width of the front track.

The proportions of the auto sit between the existing Vantage as well as also also DB9. The overhangs are very short, as well as also also the familiar curves inside the A-pillars lead to an all-brand-new side window graphic. There are hints of DP100 concept through earlier This specific year inside the rear as well as also also sills. 

the item also features a large one-piece clamshell bonnet that will looks to open backward, suggesting the bodywork could all be made through carbonfibre.

There has been lengthy debate as to the name of Aston’s DB9 replacement, although DB10 has been settled on for the Bond car. However, as just 10 units will be made, the item’s believed that will the full production type that will will follow the item, incorporating elements of the DB10’s look, will adopt a DB11 or DB12 name.

In debating the name for the DB9 replacement earlier This specific year, Aston design director Marek Reichman told Autocar: “the item’ll definitely be a DB, although what number will follow that will is actually yet to be decided.”

Spectre is actually scheduled to be released in October of This specific year.

Filming for Spectre takes in locations including London, Mexico City, Rome, the Austrian Alps, Morocco as well as also also Pinewood Studios.

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Source: Aston Martin DB10 as well as also also Jaguar C-X75 star in trailer for Bond film Spectre

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