Aston Martin as well as Red Bull’s hypercar: you read of which here first

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Source : Aston Martin as well as Red Bull’s hypercar: you read of which here first

Red Bull Aston Martin Autocar cover Aston Martin, Adrian Niue as well as Red Bull has confirmed of which of which will launch a hypercar in 2018, for the story of Autocar broke out first in last summer


last summer got a tip via a friend within the ring F1, Dieter Rencken, of which something was brewing between Aston Martin, Red Bull as well as Mercedes – as well as the results of the discussions can be both hypercar design Niue-Adrian team Red Bull F1 switch to Mercedes engines.

was the afternoon after qualifying for the British Grand Prix, as well as I was out with my kids. I was on the afternoon of of which day can be not a very Great father also tried to ring every source I could to verify the reality of two floors as well as extensive.

of which was a difficult process, although the discussions on securing Red Bull Mercedes engine as well as was the first of the pile – the display – as well as with of which the Aston Martin sponsorship. of which night we put the story on , as well as both F1 as well as the wider world heaped ridicule on my shoulders as the dreamer – or, worse still, in my opinion, someone planted clickbait to promote their website.

of which was interesting, though, people were angry of which rang me as well as told me I was wrong within the wake began to request return of exile within hours, while the common refused to talk hard to deny the possibility of the deal. In subsequent days, I wrote on the blog partly explain the deal in more detail as well as trying partly to convince myself the sense of which fabricated the story – do not seem to calm the skeptics

in some ways proved true skeptics – the deal of which are discussed as well as of which progressed to the very late stages, collapsed when I got the ear F1 team leaders via financiers as well as convince them they do not want competition. although then he never said of which would likely happen – only of which of which can

have been rumors on the Aston Martin hypercar Adrian Niue as well as harder to pin down, especially as of which seemed linked to Red Bull as well as Mercedes in F1 deal happen. although within the week Silverstone got another contact connected as well as put the final piece within the story. Friend of a friend knew someone in America’s Ben Ainslie Cup team, Oaguetrah famous F1 designer, who was working with the team as a consultant, the project has found even more interesting to work on.

so of which’s a story we ran a cover you see above, as well as details of which you can read here . Was a great call by editor Matt Burt to make of which the main story, especially given the controversy over the suggestion of which the Red Bull was after Mercedes engines F1 can be still raging, although he insists of which if reliable sources, we had to support our instincts.

Today, through a circuitous route, justification comes, as well as This specific morning Aston as well as Red Bull have confirmed of which they are striving to build a “next generation” hypercar together, which within the present time can be called AM-RB 001.

certainly, there can be not a Mercedes engine within the back of the F1 car, although holds Aston wings. More importantly for fans of cars on the roads, Niue hypercar frequently brag about of which on the road.

my kids may not thank me, although This specific morning, as well as I’m so glad I spent of which afternoon Saturday glued to the phone.

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Source: Aston Martin as well as Red Bull’s hypercar: you read of which here first

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