Aston Martin as well as Red Bull to build 'next generation' hypercar

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Source : Aston Martin as well as Red Bull to build 'next generation' hypercar

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exclusive artist’s impression of how the brand-new Autocar AM-RB 001 may seem [19459005describedProjectjointlyasthe”carlegacy”AdrianNiue;andofficiallyitcodenamedofAM-RB001

Aston Martin as well as Red Bull – the traditional super-maker as well as winner of the F1 championship Builder – said they are working on a project to design as well as build. ” the next generation hypercar “, which insiders say will be superior in acceleration, top speed as well as performance of the department on any road car ever, will be likely to be superior to all however the most focused race car.

a joint news Aston Martin may break, resulting in Niue-Adrian Red Bull project for the very first time exclusively Autocar last summer, however the project was officially confirmed today by the Australian Grand Prix, the opening Mosm- F1.

got a badge Aston Martin, however currently known by the codename AM-RB 001, the automobile will be created in a studio specially custom design within the Aston Martin Gaydon HQ. as well as the idea will be manufactured less than 100 vehicles of division Q Detailed Aston, which recently produced car track Vulcan, at a cost of Understanding between £ 2-3million. as well as tends the first car to reach the owners, will be anticipated to be super-rich “collectors as well as like-minded friends,” by 2018, however Aston Martin incorporates a mockup to show prospective employers within a few months. Aston GT race, AF will race partner, assisting in sales as well as service of vehicles.


project by personal unusual partnership between Adrian Niue Red Bull, described widely greatest race car designer within the entire world, as well as Aston Martin design boss Marek Reichman, has already developed a generation of production cars Aston addition to many James Bond Astons as well as a large number of private, including Vulcan editions. Aston boss Dr Andy Palmer has recently announced in which the company would certainly within the two “special editions” design within the future every year: AM-RB 001 will be to be one of them


will be already being described the project as” a car’s legacy, “Adrian Niue, creating important to his reputation as the McLaren F1 Gordon Murray. the Niue long at all about the desire to build very own road car. the idea will be understood to develop the idea. “I see in which as an opportunity to work with someone I consider a genius as well as one of my heroes,” said design captain Marek Reichman Autocar exclusively. “AM-RB 001 represents a completely different thinking way.”

was Adrian Niue already shown the direction of his thinking on the cars on the roads during the current road design, covered cockpit-style virtual F1 single seater called the X2010 for computer games Gran Turismo 5 as well as 6. in which wonderful character proved so well-known in which a full-sized car style has been later by the creators of the game as well as appear within the Goodwood speed Festival in 2014.

as well as another indication of the increasingly strong links between the Red Bull as well as Aston, the pair also declares 2016 deal which will see the Aston Martin wings which are based on the nose as well as wings of cars Red Bull racing. The deal begins at the opening of the season next weekend in Melbourne, Australia. “F1 offers the entire world stage at the end of the day to build greater awareness of the brand Aston Martin,” said Aston coach Andy Palmer. “However, in which partnership provide a more even when hypercar in which Aston Martin as well as Adrian Niue will be developing hits the road.”

Red Bull as well as Aston Martin will be currently ready to reveal the mechanical details of the automobile behind the planning as well as the fact in which the idea works recipe similar to F1 very advanced aerodynamics, carbon fiber structure as well as goals of weight “super aggressive”. They say performance within the current F1 cars WEC. the automobile will not be road-going anywhere near as fast. At in which stage they are released only drawing car design in which gives very little information about the mechanical structure.

However, the normal signal by insiders on the F1 cars WEC leave little doubt in which in which will create a mid-engined, with the engine, behind what will be likely to be two of the passengers. Besides, the idea will be only permissible for planning engines mid provides Niue with weight distribution low front as well as the area he will need to perform on the race at the road car

will be likely to be a hybrid gasoline as well as electricity [indicate

sources Aston in which will not be a pure battery car, leaving a strong possibility in which in which will be a hybrid of gasoline as well as electricity, as well as possibly with simplified versions of the electric motor to boost performance as well as energy recovery systems of the WEC as well as F1 cars. There will be no guidance yet on the identity of the gasoline engine, though, despite speculation to something compact, like a detuned race engine, the idea will be not possible. Planning experts as well as likely suspension to be along the lines of a double race bone full collarbone system with pull- or push rods, bellcranks as well as inward – units suspended mounted in a high-end car racing pattern of the day

although he would certainly not be drawn on details, Reichman pointed as well as AM-RB 001 will be likely to have a structure of both carbon when he said in which Aston Martin did not develop the technical capacity to make the hypercar if not built one designs -77 as well as Vulcan (in photo below). “Although AM-RB 001 will be very different, as well as these cars helped open our minds,” he said.

Reichman says the brand-new car will be recognized as Aston as well as carry a badge Aston on her nose, although the idea takes the design of Aston (which until Vulcan as well as the era of Aston Martin’s brand-new DB11 may relate to the design direction established in 2003 with the brand-new DB9 Gaydon factory as well as brand-new) in “a totally different direction.”

“, you’ll know in which will be the Aston Martin,” said Richman. “however what makes the idea different will be in which the idea has so functionally – by aerodynamics. After Adrian as well as I’ve usually found our unique vision: the idea will be unclear about how simple as well as pure the idea should be. I understand how aero dynamic will be the total capacity of the automobile. Besides, what affects the Aero usually the waist down, as the idea were, while the things in which define the automobile as Aston tend to be a waist-up. We have created which shows simply how the wind as well as the air will affect the shape of these ratios. the Concorde will be always the ultimate example of in which . “


Reichman said, Niue appreciate freedom by race restrictions along the lines of the international Automobile Federation, however faces various restrictions make the road legal car. “I enjoy the idea,” said Richman. “When we did the most expensive sports car within the entire world, as well as one 77, I thought things could get any better. however then we have cars Bond as well as Vulcan. currently Adrian Niue partnership in in which project, which trumps everything.”

car name has already prompted speculation in which if the project will be a success in which can lead to more cars on the roads of cooperation between the partners. The sources pointed out in which the automobile in a more traditional super arc of about £ could follow, although the members of the Aston Martin refused to be drawn on speculation 250,000.

Additional reporting by Dieter Renken

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Source: Aston Martin as well as Red Bull to build 'next generation' hypercar

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