Aston Martin and also also also Red Bull's bold hypercar targets

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Source : Aston Martin and also also also Red Bull's bold hypercar targets

Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar supercar grabbed hypercar Next Aston and also also also Red Bull headlines, however the performance of the vehicle manufacturers of which truly got us talking objectives


Adrian Niue, famous for its victories, says: “coming from the age of six, and also also also the item was my goal in life: to be involved in racing car design and also also also participate in supercar design.”

goals are commendable, Adrian, and also also also the ones we may everyone feels somewhat. however Niue man that has a campaign unusual, and also also also therefore why Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001 Super / hypercar will be designed with one specific goal in mind: to be able to lap Silverstone at the same speed through the race F1 car or LMP1.

not bad grief. of which for the record, is actually an ambitious stunning. Most of the crop last day of hypercars – and also also also Porsche 918 Spyder , McLaren the P1 and also also also laferrari – do not, you will have noticed, slow vehicles, and also also also they have not been designed by morons. All three companies have experience in front-end either F1 or LMP1.

However appreciation is actually of which all those hypercars want about two minutes to the Silverstone racing circuit’s lap. LMP1 car on the same path you want about 40sec 1min and also also also F1 car six or seven seconds less.

so let’s say of which to hold her head high, and also also also a respectable time for the ‘001’ will be something like of which 35sec 1min. In different words, the item must be 25 seconds lap faster than the 918, P1 or laferrari

, Niue and also also also-let’s face the item – no mug. If he thinks the item can be done, the item is actually very likely of which the item could. however here’s something: his car will have to do so while remaining perfectly legal roads. They will need to airbags. To be able to crash well enough. To be of a certain tranquility and also also also cleanliness exhaust. They do not have slots, which the head of pedestrians can become trapped

and also also also say of which is actually a normal amount of about Niue and also also also the ambition of of which project – the item will be transferred accepted performance standards by as much as McLaren did F1 – however does not the item also tell us something about Formula 1 ?

F1 is actually, we are told, the top global sports cars. the item is actually technology and also also also innovation, talent show cars going around in circles. As a sport, the item should be quite distant coming from different forms of cars.

and also also also yet, in F1, drivers say they are not able to push as hard as you want during the race, because the item hurt her tires. These cars and also also also only one seat, and also also also she could not sit at idle, their fists and also also also weak, they need different tires if he Spray a little bit, and also also also the only purpose is actually to go around the race track For two main hours and also also also yet, despite all of which, the most talented designer inside the globe of them believed the item can make the vehicle legal road of which is actually everything however a faster time.

says 001 Project AM-RB wonderful things about the ambition of those involved, however I think the item also says something about F1:., Frankly, the item’s not fast enough

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Source: Aston Martin and also also also Red Bull's bold hypercar targets

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